Klonopin and other meds knock me out

I love taking Klonopin before a stressful situation but when I take it close to the time when I take my other meds like risperidone and Depakote it knocks me right out.
I mean lights out!

I don’t remember a thing the following morning.

This happens when I take Klonopin like 3 to 4 hours before I take my bedtime dose of my other meds.

It’s kind of scary that it does this.


Some people use it as a sleeping aid. I remember when I first started using it, it would make me very sleepy until I started building up a tolerance to it. :pill:


By far the worst medication I tried.

I was on Clozapine and Klonopin. The doctor thought I had no sex drive because of Clozapine, but it was Klonopin. clozapine was a must needed medication therefore I went 8 years without sex drive.

Some other problems I experienced were:

  1. Parasthesia
  2. Cognitive dysfunction
  3. I don’t remember much of my life while I was on Klonopin
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Existing seems to knock me out lately. I am taking too many naps.

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Clonazepam doesn’t make me feel sleepy but it does induce sleep, meaning it allows me to fall asleep,.I take it 1/2 an hour before bed and I’m asleep for 7 hours. I wake up feeling fine and alert. The best med I’ve tried for sleep… and I’ve tried about 10ish meds and/or supplements for sleep the vast majority of which were completely useless.

It has diminished my sex drive, but not eliminated it.

When I first started taking it, for a few months, I felt tranquilized a lot but that has passed.

Nothing else to report.

I take 1.5mg every night before bed.


Yeah it only knocks me out because of my other PM meds.

Klonipin doesn’t always work for sleep for me. Only sometimes. I only use it occasionally though for either anxiety or insomnia. It always works for anxiety.

I only take 0.5 mg.

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I like Klonopin too. Just small mg. My pdoc stopped prescribe them. Maybe take half of a Klonopin. What mg are you taking? Ask your pdoc about it.


I take a small dose @roxanna
Under 0.5 mg but more than 0.25mg


That’s a good mg. I hope it’s helping you. Or will.

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Thanks @roxanna

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i tried alot of meds for sleep but the only thing that works is klonapin and melatonin combined plus i take clozaril at the same time

I take 3 mg klonapin 15 mg melatonin and 500 clozaril

if i miss any of these i go days with out sleep and end up in the hospital


Wow that must be the most sedating combo ever. Don’t you feel tired?


Combo of sedating meds, be careful.

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no it barely lets me sleep with out it i go days with out sleep