Alright, a few jokes

woman goes to the beauty parlor and says My head is turning gray, stylist asks, from too many years on the fence?

Young boy wants to try out for track, says, I’ve run into worse.

In debt woman on the phone says, Your talk is cheap.

older man likes to drink whiskey, says, I’ve been burned before.

young girl wants a cheese sandwich, dad says, you’re a slice off the old block.

teenage boy wants to go to college, says, you know dad, I’ve never been schooled.


or the magician that ran out of rabbits so he pulled a hare out of his ass

the lesbian Dinosaur Likolotapus


couldn’t read it honey.

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you click on the blurred thing and then it should be visible ‘i think’

haha, yeah, got it!

I’m so terribly depressed thanks for the cheer up.


i crack jokes all the time but i usually forget them they are so random but over here people say ‘where’s the crack?’ say that to the wrong person and you’d either get a slap in the face or a drug dealer on speed dial :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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yeah no doubt, ha!

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There was a guy who worked in a pickle factory next to the pickle slicer. Every day he thought to himself “one day I’m going to put my dick in that pickle slicer” and one day he just had to do it. He just put it in and his boss walked in and fired him. He.walked home and his wife.asked.him what hsppened. She whipped down his pants and exclaimed “thank god your okay. What the pickle slicer?” “She got fired too”


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