Well, I'm not gonna drink about it, how 'bout some jokes

girl likes hopscotch, she’s got one leg up on the competition.

boy wears ripped blue jeans and begs his mom to wear them, mom says,
you’ve got holes in your argument.

man takes a long trip overseas, his girlfriend says, You’ve always looked far away.

young woman hates makeup, says, I know how to act naturally.

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how many schizophrenics does it take to change a light bulb?

none, a schizophrenic would never change a light bulb

its probably a really bad joke but i couldnt think of any :confused:

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haha, good one.

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this one is probably worse

how many schizophrenics does it take to run a bath?

trick question, bath cant run :wink:

sorry i think they are getting worse :joy:

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yeah, that’s good, I do that double play on words too.

I was writing comedies, and now it’s straight jokes.

I get lots of hits from Twitter.

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I like the humor of Spike Milligan. He was a pioneer in surrealist humor

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i’ll try another one,

why did the schizophrenic boil the kettle?

[spoiler]because when the heat is on, the heat is on!


hmm, never heard of him, is an online comic?

He was an influence on monty python

oh yeah, don’t think I’ve seen that.

They used to show it at midnight in Iowa City on the weekends.

Phil talks about it sometimes.

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