Alien voices in head

So i’ve read another thread that someone started about alien voices in head, but the thread was started in 2013 and has since then become inactive.

Some of the things that people wrote about are eerily similar to what’s been happening to me for the past 3 months.

I dont know if i have schizophrenia, im currently seeking help from a psychiatrist to sort things out. But i am 34 years old and out of nowhere 3 months ago i began hearing voices. The voices of what i believe are aliens that are putting on a play or playing some kind of game in my mind. they have not stated that they are aliens, though they do claim to be from another plane of existence.

I have been a lucid dreamer for years due to narcolepsy, and i frequently suffer from sleep paralysis. About the time this started, during a state of sleep paralysis, i began to see aliens. Two or three times i felt like the aliens were messing with my brain or spinal chord. And then i began hearing voices in my head. The aliens explained it as i somehow opened my 3rd eye by lucid dreaming, and because of that i was aware of their plane. They talk alot about the collective unconcious and things like that. And apparently im their host. Please bear in mind that while i can at least reason that the existence of aliens are a possibility, i personally dont believe in third eyes or the collective unconcious. They also say words that i dont know the meaning of and have to look up, but it turns out they are actual words.

This has been torturous. They talk constantly. They claim that certain parts of my brain are only theirs, and that i cant think in those areas. they constantly try to get my attention, then get angry if i give it to them. And they demand all day long. Even when i sleep i still hear their voices in my dreams.

They’ve begun moving parts of my body. Like my hands, or my head.

I honestly dont know what to think. I dont know if i really have schizophrenia or if im actually “possessed” by extra-terrestrials.

Has/does anyone else have similar experiences?
The onset of the voices were accompanied by intense headaches, but I’ve had a cat scan and everything came back just fine. so the problem isnt physical. Im truly hoping a psychiatrist can help me with the voices, because this has been excruciating. Its so hard to think clearly with all this going on.


I wish I could help but I’ve been there. Still am sometimes. Try not to entertain them as anything but a mental illness.

You should ask them if they know me lol

You’re doing the right thing in seeing a psychiatrist. :sunny:


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Not to really be taken to account but a simple conclusion to your experience.

People who tend to stay up for days halluicenate.

You could simply just be halluicenating because your brain is in a sleep state.

Ultimately these are just halluicenations, but you could understand the issues that could come when someone begins to rationalize such experiences, make sense of them and try to interpret such halluicenations.
You might just start to become like a mad man stuck in the desert.

So I’d try to slowly let go of such thought of making sense of it, and simply wake up to reality you experienced before making any sense of this eat healthy and get sleep, simply just ignore it or let it be, and move on.

With schizophrenia the web and the hole just go deeper, the more you push and pull the tighter it gets, the more ideas the more webs, the more you make of it the stronger they get.
and in the end it is truly just your imagination. Just silly nonsense mate.

Other than that if you find it of benefit to seek help for the experiences I’d see a psychiatrist/therapist

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I realize my joke was inappropriate an counterintuitive. Ignore the joke part.

I have an internal voice and people mind controlling me. They have completely taken over my body at times. In the past, that have pretended to be aliens or God or another personality but it is really just scientists controlling and studying me. I live in fear of them hurting me.
I have delusional disorder and take meds and go to therapy. Chances are you need meds. Definitely be honest with your psychiatrist.


Yeah I’ve had alien delusions like yours before. I still get unusual movements with my head and jaw while I’m hearing the voices talking to me. I just try not to feed into it that only makes the delusions much worse. Sadly they are getting very close to stating that I’m untreatable since non of the meds have been working. The headaches have subsided allot in the last few weeks I’m very happy about that. I hope when you get your self on some meds they will work out better for you then they have been for me.

You should go see a psychiatrist.

See I have the same problem, as far as the voices claiming that they are different beings. I’ve started doing more and more body movements that I don’t control.

Do you really believe that you have a mental problem or that something else is going on?

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That’s a tough question. I take meds and have a pdoc and tdoc who are well aware of my irrational thoughts. I am being treated (willingly) for my ‘illness’. If it goes away, that would be great. I participate completely in my treatment and I take my meds every night.

Having said that, I do not think I am mentally ill. I absolutely believe that human being brain scientists are able to control me 100%. They control and monitor me 24/7/365. They have not made it obvious that they are controlling my behavior for over a year. That was my last ‘episode’. They may still be controlling me in smaller ways and just not making it obvious. They still put thoughts in my head all the time. They have been controlling and monitoring me for at least 15 years but only told me about it in June of 2015 in order to make me look and feel mentally ill. I do feel pretty crazy. Won’t lie about that. But I believe it.

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See that’s the thing I truly believe that what is happening to me is real. I don’t think I have a mental disorder. Now I don’t know that I’m dealing with aliens, but I do know that I’m hearing voices from a live, sentient being that is not me.

I’m still undergoing mental health help just to rule out a mental disorder. Or more accurateIy, I am seeking the help of a therapist because I don’t have a clue what else to do. I start with a therapist later this month.


I flip flop on who is making the voices either aliens or demons. I however try to sort things out as to why an alien would be talking to me or what they could even learn by talking to a human in the first place. Nothing comes to mined logically why an alien would need to talk with a human. As for demons I wear a cross with the lords prayer printed on it and I recite it daily, so no it could not be demons. So the best explanation it’s just the brain dealing with Schizophrenia.

I really must know, is some ■■■■■■■ guy eating the purple people?

They should watch out i guess.

I hear old friends from my past, a woman named “Vanessa” who I’m apparently married to who I have never met, someone who is apparently me from a different time with a different voice, and another woman who is named “Crystal” who I may or may not meet in my lifetime. I feel as though the voices are real entities but I don’t think they are on this plane of existence. I also believe I am a schizophrenic. It’s hard to realize you have a mental illness but you (and me as well) should do everything to realize it.

Quick update…I’ve started taking Risperdal (if I’m spelling that correctly.) I still hear the voice and it still moves my body a lot. A bunch more in fact. I don’t know what to do about this. I was diagnosed with a brief psychotic episode, since I don’t display the other symptoms of schizophrenia nor do I have the background (I think primarily because it doesn’t run in my family, I wasn’t under any emotional stress when the voices began, and I have no history of trauma or abuse) usually found in schizophrenia. I was told this by a nurse practitioner and a psychiatrist. But I still hear the voices and my body is still being moved by something.


Were you doing drugs? Drugs can do that to a person

Ha. No, no drugs. No alcohol either. If I were someone else reading this
that’s the first thing I would have wondered about, too.

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It doesn’t sound like the risperidone is entirely effective for you. Sometimes it takes awhile. But keep your doctor posted because you might need something else.

How long have you been taking Risperidone for? It can take 6-8 weeks for it to take effect. After that time, if you still see no improvement, your doctor will probably increase the dose. If that doesn’t work, they will try you on a different medication. Don’t worry if it take four or five tries before you find the medication and dose that works for you. And if you notice any negative side effects, tell your doctor right away.