Alien voices in head

Thanks ninjastar. My next appointment is may 4 and we’ll talk about
medication then. Until then I’ll just keep taking the medicine and trying
to remind myself to have patience. And I’ve only been on the med for about
4 weeks now.

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Make sure you sleep for 8-10 hours a night, I know when I was regularly avoiding sleep I connected with some pretty weird stuff.
Almost like I was living in a half state of dream and real life.
Since I relearned to love my blankies on the bed and stay in bed all night, the problem areas were getting less problematic.


I considered the possibility that my voices was other humans from the collective conscious/unconscious. And they are messing with me by hiding behind aliases like aliens or demons, they take enjoyment out of it and find it entertaining and if they can make you snap then they will!

I believe in Collective Consciousness. I think we are all connected to each other and to everyone who has ever lived. However, I believe that all the non-physical entities around us are entirely benevolent. They are the epitome of emotional maturity, peace, love, compassion and empathy. They are free of all the ‘issues’ we have with the human physical brain (spite, jealousy, resentment, hate etc). I think they surround us with pure love.

The people toying with me are physical human beings who have access to my brain. That is who I am scared of. Not non-physical beings.

I hope you feel better very soon :slight_smile:

Why cant the ‘non entities’ police the butthead human dick beings for being a problem to others?

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Right? Apparently it doesn’t work that way. They have no physical influence over us. We self-govern. We do, however, have an innate sense of right and wrong (the vast majority of us who don’t have serious brain issues) and that is our connection to them.

The right ones, or the wrong ones connect, or is there one for both?

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Well, since they/it are 100% love and benevolence, our feeling of what the right thing to do is, comes from it/them. Our physical brains primal urge to compete and survive is where the ‘bad’ urges come from.

That’s just my personal little belief, lol. Religion for one.

See. Mine are not benevolent. “He” told me that he does not feel love,
sadness or happiness. He only feels anger, humor or nothing at all. They
are completely uninterested in me. They only want me to go away. They don’t
tell me to harm or kill myself; they just don’t care if something bad
happens to me. And “He” physically moves me whether I want to be moved or
not. “He” moves me even when I ask him to stop. He lies a lot. I am scared
of “He” and I even hear him in my dreams when I sleep.


I am really sorry that you are going through all that. It sounds very difficult. I have had the experience of my body being controlled by others and it is terrifying. You have my empathy.

God, I wish that I responded to you earlier. I am not having visitations from supernatural beings. I think I only tried to convince myself that I have a psychiatric disorder because I had no other idea what could be going on. But since then, I found the term “targeted individual” and that has changed everything for me.

I was overwhelmed at the beginning, and grasping to make sense of it all. Naturally, you don’t immediately believe that an outside force can be working on you; you try to make sense of it all by assuming that something must be mentally or physically wrong with you. But with psychiatrists completely unable to explain whats happening to me or even able to give me an actual diagnosis, i continued to do my own research.
If you Google microwave auditory effect, it explains a lot. At first, it will sound way too far-fetched to believe. But then I did the research and realized that patents exist for this technology (which beams voices into your head) and that the US military has even tested these devices. Other TI’s have experienced the same voices and body movements as me.
What I have is 100% human made. I truly believe that I am a targeted individual. I have no idea who’s testing this technology on me, or why. But I truly believe I have found my answer.
While this will still sound far-fetched to those reading this post, I have proof. I put a microphone in my ear and recorded the voices. I have physical proof that these voices exist. If I suffered from a mental disorder, I would not be able to record the voices.
I am not saying that anyone else on this site is a targeted individual. I am not saying that schizophrenia is not a real disorder and I am not trying to disprove a very real medical/mental condition. Please do not feel that this is an attack against people with schizophrenia or an attempt to disprove that their suffering is very real.

I am really grateful to this site and to the people that replied to my post. At a time when even my own family didn’t believe me and I felt lost and that I had nowhere to turn, you all were so kind and so helpful.

It’s so hard for me because I too am an esoteric practicioner
Every one here knows this; I talk about it constantly
Here’s how I find it
If you can’t make them stop through pure intention, connecting with the sun, balancing your selves…
They’re likely taking advantage of your illness!

my body gets moved by an unseen force as well! It may sometimes be my hand/arm, one or both of my legs, or my jaw. Last year a creepy voice whispered to me in bed. “posessed” they keep telling me they cursed me and then on the other hand another voice tells me I’m blessed. The thing that controls my body though scares me since I never see it coming when my body part gets pulled randomly.

I hear my voice in my dreams also, as well as during the day from time to time. But the “voices” seem to change from a woman or a man, etc.

@bravery How are you doing?

There is a lot of false stuff online about real people or government causing schizophrenic symptoms. Eventually this theory goes by the wayside if for no other reason that the sheer man hours it would cost to talk to us is not worth it. Nobody is going to pay government money to spy on or afflict us with voices.

My voices insisted that they were not people. They said they were psychics (whatever that is) but I just don’t know. Mine lie a lot, just like everyone’s do. Sometimes they pretend to be nice, sometimes they just mess with me. I haven’t ruled out aliens, but to be honest I don’t know.

If you hear voices but are not delusional, you are just left with your own logic to solve an impossible puzzle. I hope you are improving.

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Yes this is how I feel, just trying to fit in whatever logic I can from whatever is happening with me.

You’re going to make yourself even sicker than you already are.

I used to suffer similar delusions to yours. I now lead a productive, mostly normal life. This is thanks to meds and therapy. You need to get treated for these hallucinations and delusions you’re suffering from. By a doctor.

Good luck.

I have the same experience. (See my reply to this post).