Journal entry 17 Jan - Alien in my head

Journal entry 17 Jan - Alien

There’s another person in my head. His name is Alien and he’s f***ing with my thoughts inserting his own into my head. Bloody hell, there’s even a female voice defending me where does she come from is she me in the 3rd person? Am I psychotic? There’s multiple people up in my head, there’s an alien living with me inside. An alien spirit being, maybe a jinn?

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I’d recommend you share these journal entries with your treatment team. Highly delusional stuff.

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I would hate it to be a jinn. What I have read makes me terrified of them. I mean they can be nice but also can be devious. Have you seen pictures of the “Cave of the Jinn”? It’s huge

@Hadeda it really sounds like you may need a med change or adjustment of some sort .
According to one of your posts, you spent a very short time in the Hospital - Emergency Room?
You may have to spend some more time, so they can straighten out your medication situation - I would talk to your pdoc as soo as you get the chance - Good luck to you

Did you read what I replied to you about alien ancestry on the other thread?

Some of what you say here sounds more like a Jinn though, but I have also heard of aliens , the little grey ones, being ‘attached’ to a person. Honestly I think those grey aliens are Jinn anyways.

@e_lunaseer I like you, but please stop feeding that delusional crap to her. She is in distress and is obviously in need of medical treatment - she is very delusional, so stop with the fairy tales - you are not helping her, and could be making things a lot worse for her!


I’m answering her questions. I am not feeding any delusional crap. Jinn are real and are especially believed in by those of her religion. The ancestry stuff I talked about and the memories is also real, not delusional…I mean i posted one link where they proved the genetic memories in lab tests.
This stuff is well worth exploring, and can be healing. I have known a few people who were healed emotionally by learning their origins…

But if people are thinking aliens are in their head controlling them or giving bad ideas, that needs dealt with…

The defending female voice could be a guardian. We shouldn’t dismiss these things. the negative voices have to go, or at least be understood and quieted… put in their place.

:confounded: Good Grief - Feeding someone who is delusional with harmful ideas is not a good thing to do.
If you choose to believe in these deluded nonsensical ideas - fine, but please stop feeding this kind of garbage to someone who is distressed and suffering. You are worsening the situation for her - please understand this

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Talking to you is like talking to a wall. You believe all kinds of nonsensical things, but everyone lets it slide. You have no business promoting alien ancestry or any of that horseshit you believe. Voices are not aliens, and this has been proven by science. Please leave this poor soul alone - she doesn’t need to hear your ■■■■■■■■ at this moment. Save it for someone like me who will stand up to you.


Believe what you want, it doesn’t matter. And I am not bothered by detractors. I answer peoples questions…she asked if it might be a Jinn, well is COULD be. maybe it isn’t and maybe it is.

You know what pisses me off? That people are so much in denial about spiritual things, so brainwashed by psychological crap that denies the existence of a soul, spirit, and God, that they think magic pills are a cure all…well they aren’t…granted, pills may alleviate symptoms but do not cure anything…they are band aid on an open wound…

There are other alternatives, ones that people have used, ones like i have mentioned…and these get dismissed as delusional and fantasy.

Can’t wait to see the unbelievers and deniers stand face to face with God and angels… I hope I don’t get condemned for LMAO…

Seriously, alternative methods, spirituality, exploring other avenues as i post about has been used and used successful by some people… yet it is mocked and denied…

Oh well. I can certainly stand up to worldly, atheistic, or satanic B.S. It’s unfortunate so many people actually believe in its superficial materialist secular philosophy…
By the way I have every right to speak of what I believe …just as everyone has a right to speak…

I dont care what you believe in - but when you feed her delusions with your warped sense of reality, you could be harming her, she is asking for help - she is in need of help from a medical professional not a Shaman - I am sorry but you have crossed the line in a big way


You just don’t get it (and likely never will) do you? When faced with a medical crisis, chalking up symptoms to jinns or alien ancestry will only destabilize the patient further. They need something concrete to ground their thinking. You don’t offer that. You offer fantasy “alternatives,” which is just more ■■■■■■■■. I so wish there was an ignore button on here…you would go to the top of the list. You offer nothing here, just fantastic crap. Why are you even on here? This is a schizophrenia board, not a religious/alternative/snake oil site. You have two people in one thread coming out to you as a charlatan. You might want to rethink your methods and motives.


That means nothing…Jesus said such things would happen, that people would deny you, and the world would hate you. Comes with the territory. It actually helps build my faith!
Charlatans usually have no backing at all for their ideas and also make money by selling fake ideas or cures, (hoaxes) or even real ones but for financial gain…I don’t do this so therefore am not a charlatan.

How come I wasn’t destabalized when I began to look into these things? doctors didn’t help me. Jesus did… that is hard core 3D reality there, not some nebulous thing you can’t pinpoint…got off drugs, drinking, smoking, changed my entire outlook on life, changed who I associated with which included having to deny my friendships with drunks and drug dealers, even under threat by some of them… and life just seemed to fall into place…

Not only me, I have met numerous people who have experienced same.

When a person gains knowledge of EVERYTHING that could possibly be happening and learns to work with it and apply it to their life in an understanding and rational fashion, it can be healing, not destabalizing.

You are simply from a school of thought that sees only ONE way, dismissing anything you do not understand, do not believe in, and have never experienced.

People need to be more open to other possibilities…

Like “astral projection” as you were suggesting to another member just a few minutes ago in a different thread? I’m sorry, but you really bring nothing new to the table. Your fantasies are just that. You are nothing new to me. Sorry. You are not as unique as you think you are. You are not some great savior as you paint yourself to be. You are not opening anyone’s eyes. Most people here tolerate you, and many dislike you. You make my brain hurt from stupidity.


No, I am not unique and certainly am not a savior! Jesus is the only savior and that is the only one who I will ever say is.

Astral projection has been known to cause exactly what was experienced in the post I replied to…have you ever studied research on astral projection, ever experienced it yourself? the experience has been known for ages.
Sure, it could be caused by something else and I’m open to that, but many people will not think ‘hey, this could have been an OBE…maybe I need to ground accordingly’ which could get into everything from prayer to chakra alignment, to what i suggested as a more practical method I’m sure you would agree with by getting some rest and relaxing and seeing if you get grounded that way…

If some people dislike me, that is ok. I never was out to win a popularity contest. But I’m sure some people here like me as well. I doubt there is anyone alive who is liked by everyone, or even a large majority…

By the way, fantasies normally do not have tangible evidence attached, such as receiving messages and visions that later happen in detail…and I have seen many. Not some made up stories. If it didn’t happen i will not say it did. I will only speak what has actually happened, and I will also find other same or similar experiences, including scientific info to verify…

Dear lord I remember when I was there. I’m just so different from how I used to be…maybe I’m going into a remission of sorts…or maybe life with awareness and careful monitoring of symptoms changed everything for me. Maybe both…who knows.

@Hadeda I think you are delusional by what you think. please seek help.

You guys are nuts don’t mess with the Djinn. I have a few paintings of some friendly Djinn any of you are interested. they might be able to help :]

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I’d just say don’t mess with them period…

Q: Are there any Djinn who want to be helpful to humans?

A: Djinn come in all persuasions, attitudes and mindsets, just like humans. Not all of them are hostile or unfriendly. Some are indifferent and don’t want to be bothered with us, and an even smaller number may be inclined to be helpful, provided it serves their own interests as well. However, the final word is, none of them can likely be trusted. They should not be equated with spiritual guides or angels.

Thanks Wave (and alien99 and jukebox) for your supportive replies. Its hard to believe it could be a delusion, it seems so real. Can it be true? Am I sz? I feel so special! And I’m so scared my meds have stopped working, they were once so effective, can this happen that meds just stop working? And I was on a higher dose already. I would consider hospital again, but I have hubby to consider, he will be all alone without me…
Voices were strong tonight, and hubby very supportive, too. Took meds, things seem to be a little calmer now.