Alien making me feel so guilty


He’s telling me to kill my husband and inserting these horrible thoughts in my head about murder. But its NOT my thoughts! I love my husband and never want to harm him!!! Alien’s such an evil b**tard! He’s making me feel so guilty - am I some evil monster? But no - he is the monster!!! Why does he torment me like this? He’s an agent of the devil!

God why now? I was doing so well. Must be a glitch… but I get inserted thoughts a lot - at least every second or third day.

Glad I’m seeing my pdoc on Tuesday!


Hang in there @Saadiqah.
You see your doctor soon.


Hey, sorry Alien is bullying you with such horrible thoughts. I know how it is to have intrusive thoughts you didnt want and feel guilty about. Please hang in there, good you are seeing the pdoc. Wish you strength, lots of it. The voice can tell you all he wants, but you are in charge.


If they are not your thoughts, then why feel guilty? It’s not your fault you’re having voices.


Alien is not a real person or thing. These thoughts ARE yours and an internal voice is feeding them to you.

Bad thoughts are still our thoughts. Even if we hate them and don’t like them, they’re called intrusive thoughts. But they ARE ours and by owning them we take away their power.

Stop being a victim and thinking that the voice isn’t you. It IS. You have to admit it or you’ll just keep delaying your road to stability.


Bad situation. When the aliens behave that badly it is time to seek professional help. Do not forget to take your medications.


Alien is NOT my thoughts. Ever heard of the spirit world? It’s real. It exists.

Enough said.


Do you also suffer from OCD? I’ve had extremely vivid and ‘realistic’ intrusive thoughts since childhood. You are not defined by the intrusive thoughts you experience.


I rarely have intrusive thoughts.
Sometimes they are violent, gay, and whatever is opposite of me and my preferences.
I had thought insertion with alien thoughts, I didn’t produce them myself, it was inserted by aliens


The spirit world just like telepathy is something you have come up with to explain your voices. It’s a delusion. The voices are caused by this brain disease called sz and their sole source is your brain


The evil in me and how i deal with it…and don’t lead us into temptation.


I hope he will leave you Aline in peace and that you will feel better soon.

I have also had others try to put thoughts in my head as if it were “my” thoughts but it is their thoughts not mine but they want it to seem as if it is mine.

I think you are a Muslim?

I was a Muslim for a year and prayed five times a day .
I miss the prayers because now that I do not have a religion I belong to my prayers are not as satisfying.

Muslims also believe in jinn and spiritual things.

Good wishes to you Saadiqa💕


You sound like me after my mean voice gets through with me. Says the same basic stuff and gaslights the crap out of me. I just try to keep my calm and let it pass. It’s hard to control my anger in the moment though.


I believe they are spiritual too why dont people get nice voices? Because they are pos demons thats why.


I got nice voices… Well, they were nice at first… Their demeanor didn’t match what they were saying. “I love you so much. Kill yourself. Don’t you wanna save the world?”


I discovered I have an interest in the mechanics of guns. I did well in physics is where the interest probably started. And there was war, too, so the guys I was in school with probably felt they needed to be aware. This was many years ago (60’s) and I haven’t killed anyone yet, knock on wood. My message to you. @Saadiqah, is don’t let the alien make you feel like a bad person. It’s just a knot that needs to unravel.


Mine were nice at first as well causing me to smoke more and more weed untill i found out that they only wanted me to use their entheogen so they can get in and torment me.


It’s probably a good idea you tell your Dr about this.

Hope you will get good help and things will get better for you.


In a big city there are lots of strangers(aliens). Thinking to myseld “dude, you are an alien yourself”


There’s no such thing and I’m not going to feed this delusion. You need a med increase to gain some insight.