Tortured by alien thoughts in my brain

I’m haunted by the alien or demon in my brain. Its putting thoughts into my head that aren’t mine, thoughts of harming loved ones, but I would NEVER want to harm any loved one. What the hell is going on??? Where do these sick thoughts come from if they aren’t mine??? I feel so scared, almost like the monster is going to come alive and tell me to harm a loved one, but I would never want to listen, I love my family too much. I’m scared my loved ones will leave me if they know what thoughts I have, like they will think I am dangerous or something, whereas I am a gentle soul that wishes well for them. Why does my brain turn against me like this?

Many people experience what you describe to a small degree, but not so much that it becomes a problem. Maybe you should talk to a mental health professional, if one is available. If not, keep looking to the internet for help.

Talk to your doctor about these thoughts.

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You sound like you are being tormented by a Jinn… No person truly wants to harm anyone that they love, so these thoughts are not natural…
You should probably not tell family of your thoughts, and certainly dont act upon any of them. Discuss them here or with someone not connected to family.

I’ve had evil thoughts come in mind, not to hurt family or anything but just strange and evil thoughts from time to time, demonic in nature… I resist them and banish them in the name & power of Jesus, but you don’t believe in that as I do… I rarely have such intrusive thoughts now…

I hope you are just having a bad day.
Talk to your doctor-maybe a med adjustment?
Don`t cook tonight ; )

I am sorry to hear that you are having intrusive thoughts, Saadi, I had once had it when I was on invega. But I had it for only one day and it disappeared naturally…What meds are you on now? Maybe you need an increase of meds.

i get this all the time, i tell mrs. sith it helps to clear my head, it doesn’t bother her.
take care

I have had those kinds of thoughts as well. It’s OK, what I do is love them and don’t try to correct them or punish them even though they may be hurtful. I just relax and allow that natural love to come through.

I’m sorry you’re struggling. It’s scarey to get thoughts like that. Just remember though they are just thoughts, they only have as much power as you give them. There’s no demon or alien, that’s just the minds way to rationalize what is happening to you. A med adjustment will help. I know it doesn’t feel this way but it’s just an imbalance of chemicals in your brain. Try to think of the reality of it. Something that helps me is to play the distraction game. You pick a topic like animals and go through each letter naming an animal that starts with that letter. You can do any category like bands/ musicians or my mom and I have even done Christmas. If I can’t think straight enough to go by letter I pick a category like cheese or cereal and name as many things as I can. If I still can’t think straight enough I name what I see in the room, or visions I’m having, and even say the color. It distracts your mind from what is bothering you. You’ll get through this! I believe in you! :sunny:

I get thoughts I can’t control either. I try to ignore them and move on as if they weren’t there but they get louder as the day goes on. It’s not really hurting other people, more so hurting myself. But the way I think about it, hurting myself would be hurting my loved ones at least emotionally. It doesn’t make hearing the voices much easier to deal with.

It just sends me down a deep spiral hole, almost like Alice in Alice in Wonderland, but I don’t have obstacles while falling down the hole, I’m just falling and it’s a big deep hole. When I think I hit bottom the rocks rumble and fall apart creating a deeper and deeper hole, causing me to constantly be falling, the light at the the top of the tunnel gets so dim it’s barely noticeable any more.