Alien making me feel so guilty


Why do you have to be so unkind to me? Please respect that I believe in the spirit world and stop telling me I’m delusional. Please? I don’t want to make enemies but your posts sound so blunt.


I am not being unkind, I am being truthful. A voice in your head is not a spirit and anyone that says it is, they’re encouraging a delusion. It’s your brain and a fact. The thing about facts is that they are true whether you believe them or not.

And there is nothing wrong with being blunt. You need a med increase if you are hearing a voice or have intrusive thoughts.


@Saadiqah this is a site for people with psychotic illnesses. You made a post about a spirit speaking to you in your thoughts. What exactly did you expect? No one here is going to play along with your delusional ideas. That’s called delusion confirming, which is very bad for schizophrenics. The truth is that Alien is not a spirit. His thoughts originate from you. You have no connection to the spirit world. Your mind is playing tricks on you, making you believe that there is another consciousness in your head. That’s all. I had it too before I was stabilized. Maybe a med adjustment will help you see the truth. Please talk to your pdoc about all this. Get well soon. :hugs:


I agree you should seek help but I understand you believing it is real.

Muslims believe in jinn and spirit etc and I think you are a Muslim.
I was a Muslim for a year and now I think I am one again.
But a bad one because I do not cover and will keep it a secret.

Can you tell your imam and dr and do not do what alien says.
I hope you will find peace from this.

As salamu alaikum Saadiqa :pray:t3::two_hearts:


We are helping each other here. Where else can you seek help? God maybe, but god doesn’t say much at all.


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