Feeling messed up inside

I feel so ■■■■. Aggro inside and irritated and hating my meds how they make me feel. The side effects are ■■■■. I want to gradually stop. I do well on most of my meds but the quetiapine is the pits and I’m sick of it!

I’m also being manipulated by the evil spirit who puts horrible images and thoughts in my head about my husband dead. Graphic details and I hate it so much. I’m not suicidal but I feel like pain. I’m feeling very unrestful inside.

I’m desperate to see my pdoc on Tuesday, it’s been a whole month that I’ve floundered and suffered horrible side effects. ■■■■ I’m sick of things really! Sorry for the swearing I just feel weird and crap


If you’re thinking about your husband being dead, are you thinking homicidal thoughts toward him? If so, go straight to the ER. At the very least, call a crisis line

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No it’s not me thinking homicidal thoughts it’s Alien the evil spirit putting horrible things in my head

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hope you get better this sounds terrible

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Sorry you’re struggling, this has been coming for a while has it not?

I know you’re in a shity place right now, but these things do pass

Be thinking of you


You need to call the ER of you are thinking bad thoughts that are homicidal. Alien is not a spirit. It is YOUR brain doing this and if you are having homicidal thoughts, you could act.

Please get help.


Earthchild ain’t no shame in going to the hospital

Alien is a spirit. They exist. He’s real and so is his influence. It’s not me.

The voices in Schizophrenia are you. Please read this article.


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It may be that maybe you just have a subconscious fear of your husband dying or getting killed, so it may or may not be a malicious thought. IDK, I’m not a psychologist, but it really is from your own mind.

I do have subconscious fear of my husband dying but Alien plays with that fear and puts those horrible thoughts in my head. I would never entertain thoughts of killing my beloved. It’s Alien not me!

I also believe that voices are part of my brain but my sister keeps pushing her vision that voices are entities. It really annoys me.

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