Alexander Graham Bell... Why?

I know he did a great service to man by inventing the telephone. But I HATE the telephone. His invention complicates my day.

If I don’t answer it, my parents think something is wrong and they will pop by to check on us in a bit of a worry.

If I do answer it… something that complicates my day is usually on the other end of the line.

If I let the machine get it, then I’m in a conundrum about what I should do with the info such as little brother calling from rehab trying to get my sister to sneak in some booze to him. Or this new one that JUST called.

There was an 18 year old boy in my SZ group who a while ago, captured the heart of my sister. It turned out he didn’t want her heart, he wanted a part of her much lower then the heart. She wouldn’t give it him. She’s not ready she said. So, he dropped her flat for a gall who would indeed give him what he wanted. Many days of tears in the bath later and my sister got over him.

She’s happy again and hasn’t given him a second thought. So of course… Guess who just called and was hoping to meet up. I do not like people who make my sister cry. If a non-family member treats her with that much disrespect and makes my kid sis cry that much, a second chance with me is hard to come by. (I wish I could just forbid him from contacting her, or bar the door, or find a way to scare him off. But that could get me into trouble. I can’t forbid her… I promised no tampering in the dating life.)

The telephone just constantly complicates my day. So much drama could be avoided if the phone didn’t exist. If my sis wasn’t worried about being able to call 911, I would rip this thing out of the wall and not have a phone at all. I like being in the city. I like being able to walk around the city I grew up in an see people and people watch… but why do they have to call our place? Maybe I should change the phone number and ask my sis to never give out this number.

That’s exactly what I did! Changed my phone number. Then I only gave the new number to immediate family and a few close friends.

I hate talking on the phone. And I hate surprise calls from people I don’t want to talk to.

Now, I rarely get calls. And when I do, I usually let my voicemail pick up and then sort of triage which calls I want to respond to. Some I call back and some I just send a text to.

This way, I’M in control over the phone situation and who I let into my life.



Do you have call display? I only answer the calls that I want to. If I don’t recognize the number I don’t answer. If it’s important they will leave a message. Then I can respond on my own time. If you don’t have call display I would say get it so that you can answer when your parents call so they don’t get worried :smile:

its witchcraft :boom: witchcraft i tell ye, hahaha

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I agree. Get caller display. I have it andiit’s a godsend. I am starting to not answer if I don’t recognize the number and my number is witheld when I dial out. I’m also x directory so not in the phone book. Good luck with the guy that has an itch in his pants. Xxx

i have an answering machine, i listen to the message if i can be bothered.
but to be honest i rarely use the phone, once or twice a month type of thing.
take care

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Yeah, I usually screen my calls.

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The only people that call me are doctors or my partner other than that it’s no one. I have my doctor’s number in my cell so i know if its them or not. I have to call my parents, they don’t call me. It use to be on my old cell phone that i got calls from debt collectors all the time about my student loans.

I don’t have a home phone anymore, just a cell phone. It goes way beyond hate for the phone, never have liked it. Said the other day how nice a plain rotary phone used to be, but have to say I like to text message for info exchange.
I rarely use my cell phone, more for a camera instead.
My voicemail log goes back to 04/17/12, but I do have 10,514 pictures on the thing, down from 12,312.