I'm getting a cell phone... I'm told

Yesterday I was out in the field doing some work, and assessing some trails and getting ready to get some parks open for spring. I got home and my sis wasn’t home. I called her work, she wasn’t there. So we were just missing each other. That was odd, but I wasn’t panicking yet. Until the news of the campus shooting…

Long long story short, when she heard about the campus shooting near a park I work in a lot, she tried to get a hold of me. Then she went to the park… near where the shooting happened… trying to find me.

Then due to lock down and police chaos, I couldn’t get ahold of her.

Very stressful for both of us. So now I’ve been TOLD I’m getting a cell phone today. Yuck, :unamused:

I hate going to new places, and I don’t want to have to do this. But I guess there is no way around this.

How hard is it to set up an account and is there a way to get one that doesn’t have all the stupid apps?


Going to a store (Sprint, Verizon, etc) is the easiest way to set up an account. It took me maybe 20 mins tops.

And you can get a regular phone that does just calls and texts for very cheap. You don’t have to get a smart phone with all the apps.

I know you don’t like having to do this, but I think it’s a good idea that you have a cell for emergencies. Just for safety.

And don’t forget: you only have to give your number to those you want. So you can still keep your privacy!




Hi J - I think getting a cell phone is a smart thing to do. You can try to keep your number as private as possible, giving your number out to only trusted people in your life. A cell phone is really a must in todays world. Pay phones have virtually vanished, and it is important to carry a cell phone so you can be connected to the important people around you. cell phones are also great to have for emergency type situations. They make a great security blanket - I dont leave the house without my cell phone, even if I am in my yard. They are a lot safer than carrying a weapon


I know here there are lots of different ways to have a cell phone account. If you just want a basic flip phone with none of the extra stuff, which is what my hubby has, then you may be able to buy the phone then do what is called ‘pay as you go’ and you buy time-cards to put on the phone. The last time I did this was years ago so I don’t know if you can still do it. However there was no registering the phone in your name etc. just activating the number. Sis probably knows better then me what the current plans are like.


Have you thought about a pre buy phone. I don’t use my cell phone much. So I have more than enough minutes. No stupid apps on the phone and it only cost me $15 a month.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

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It is great that you get a cell phone. I have four cell phones. These are very inexpensive, no smart phone.I have just one account. At the flea markets one can find cell phones at 10 euros (13 dollars).

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Thank you for this… My sis says we’re going for Verizon since that is the carrier she uses. I am so glad I don’t have to put up with all the apps. I just want a simple phone with no silliness.

She was pretty worried when this was going down. You know, that moment of chaos… when it’s pretty clear something huge happened, but the facts and details haven’t been sorted yet. She had heard that the gunman was on the loose in the park, so she went to find me. (because that is exactly what you should do when you hear of a gunman loose… you should go to where he is) Irritated with her logic, understand the panic, too relieved she’s Ok. Exhausted by all flavors in this mix.

I had heard that she went to find me… with a gun man loose in a park… but I had no way of getting a hold of her once the lock down of the area started happening… I have to admit, it was NOT an easy night for either of us. Still pretty shaky today… very glad its a normal day off for both of us. I do feel like I’ve been put through a cheese grater. By the way, the gunman never was in the park. He was subdued in the building.

I like the idea of a simple phone, no silly apps and just does the job I need it to do. I can get behind that. I guess it’s unavoidable now.


We got my husband a “Go Phone” on our AT&T plan – a basic flip phone without all the bells and whistles. Paid a flat price around $35 for the phone and he was added to my plan for about $12 a month.

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You can choose a very basic cell phone. I am using currently Samsung Keystone 2, a very basic phone. At flea markets it costs only 10 euros (13 dollars).

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You can get a non-smartphone that can call and text and store contacts that uses buttons and not a touch screen, like what I currently have. My parents are getting me an iphone 5s for my birthday. We’re lower middle class and only my dad has a smartphone for work. My mom thinks that smartphones are stupid but I need one for group texts, taking images and videos onto the net, and as a GPS. Im sick of having to ask for detailed directions and getting lost and having other people film my personal record lifts and then email me the video. Really sick of it, and people hint that I need to get a new phone by asking me “what kind of phone do you have?” when they know its a piece of ■■■■

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My sis got a certified reconstructed Iphone. So Apple took it, rebuilt the inside and re-released it. She says that she got hers for around $50.00. It’s works for her.

I was asking her if she was ever going to buy a brand new one. She said she can’t bring herself to buying something that cost more then then two months rent when she can get a different one for so low. As far as a phone being a piece of ■■■■? I think it’s only that way if it doesn’t work for you.

I just want to make basic calls. I have a camera on me for pics, and I don’t like e-mail enough to need it at my fingertips. Plus… I admit, I like the fact that when I’m out in the field, the office can’t get ahold of me every 20 seconds. :smiley:

I have a GPS… She sits in the passenger seat with the map and tells me when to turn. :wink:


I’m glad to hear you guys are okay. As soon as I heard the news I got worried as you two are the only two I know out there who live and work on a college campus. A basic cell phone is a good investment. I have a Tracphone that I carry around and forget I have most of the time so the battery is usually dead.

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Yeah, a cell phone is very handy. And as you found out today, in an emegengy they can be indispensable. You could have eliminated a lot of stress and worry and misunderstanding if you would have had a cell phone during your 'incident" in Seattle. For both you AND kidsis. I keep my cell phone in my glove box in my car for emergencies. I’m with Verizon. I have a flip-phone.The only features I use are making and receiving calls and voice mail. My sister actually bought it for me 5 years ago for Christmas. I think that was before smartphones and all there other fancy devices that came out. 5 years ago my phone was almost cutting edge. But here’s my plan with Verizon.
Sad to say (for myself) I don’t fully understand my own plan !! But basically I pay $15.00 per month for local calls and long distance calls. Each month I get about 45 minutes worth of local and long distance calls for my $15.00. I never go over that so I have NEVER in 5 years used up 45 minutes worth of calls in one single month. Like I said I usually only use it for emergency’s with occasional exceptions. BUT… my minutes roll over each month. So since January when I renewed my contract, I have racked up 5 HOURS worth of minutes that I can use anytime. Last year I ended up with 50 HOURS worth of time I didn’t use during the year. But if I don’t use that time by each January, I lose those hours and I start off with zero. Am I explaining this clearly? It’s actually very uncomplicated. And I am on an automatic bill pay system. So I do nothing each month and they just charge my credit card $15.00 automatically.


that would have been scary for you and your sis, but i would be more worried for the gunman , your sis is a force to be reckoned with add your mother on top of that they could probably conquer the world, or hail kidsister !?! we all surrender !!
take care
p.s i think the bat phone is a good idea mr bond, but please no showing off , getting on the mechanical car with your philosophy book and your mobile phone, then you will be ’ too cool for school ’ !?!


Most cell phones have the capacity to call 911 without having to be on any plan or even with a service (it’s the law).
You just need for your battery to be charged (dead phones don’t call anyone) so you can make a call to (only) 911.

J, if your going to put your phone in your pocket, flip phones prevent pocket dialing.
Check out the “jitterbug” phone, it was made for seniors, but the simplicity makes it sweet.


yeah, i’d get a flip phone with a good battery esp if you are moving around a lot so if it its in your pocket it will be better protected, you can keep specific numbers in it and emergency numbers and if someone you have on your contacts in your phone phones you their name and number should come up so you know who it is phoning you.

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I ended up with a flip phone that can do some basic text and call out. It’s small, but I’m still not a fan. Hopefully I won’t have to use it much.

I liked the flip phone so there wouldn’t be pocket dialing. that was very good advice that I didn’t think of.


Now that you got one, you have to keep the battery charged, keep it on you (or close enough to hear the ring), and actually answer it if’s going to be of any use.

Pretty sure I’ve had one since 1997, but wasn’t my choice. I resisted the stupid pager phase, but hated the idea of nosy people insisting on knowing where I was and what I was doing, just so they could change my plans.
Sigh…technology won…but truthfully, you could have traded my cell phone for a rock for as many times as I used it. I liked to say the ring was mearly a suggestion (to answer). That didn’t make a lot of people happy, but I was.


you do realise rocks don’t work as phones…i am being sarcastic !
take care

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I can’t understand how you can survive without a smartphone… they are amazing and i love learning new things on them…