Phones are amazing these days


I found this app for my new android phone. I put a lock code on my phone. If anyone tries to put incorrect pin code on it more than one time, it would immediately take a photo of that person and send the pic to me. Is that not an amazing idea? :smiley: I love love LOVE android and the things it can do. Not switching back to the iPhone ever!


I don’t even own a cell phone and have a dial phone in my home. I do have to carry a phone out in the field, but that’s provided by the city and it’s very basic.

I can’t deal with phones… they are always bad news.


That’s like my dad. He refuses to carry a phone with him. I really have to insist now to get him one for emergencies even if it is basic.


I have an iPhone, but make or get very few calls…I just hate talking on the phone, but I have over 11thousand pictures on it. I call it my iCamera.


I have an android but I don’t really use it, only to text and call people and my address book only has 5 people so I wish I just got a basic phone as my one sometimes isn’t reliable on getting signal/phone network to call people which in an emergency of my mental health could be bad but it seems to work alright at the moment so no biggie but I know people who use their phones so much and I used to, I just don’t anymore my mum uses her phone more than I do and that’s saying something!


I don’t call or text many people either. I just like to keep up to date with new technology and learning new things :smile:


I love my new iphone - I do not text or call a lot either


I text my family a lot. and I have a tracfone. It’s an android and works just like the rest of the smartphones but was a lot cheaper to purchase. I take a lot of pictures and listen to music on my phone.


Within the last 5 or 6 months, I upgraded from a basic phone to an Android. I really enjoy my smart phone even though I don’t talk much. I’ve got like 8GB of music stored on it that I listen to from time to time. It’s a real lifesaver when my computer gets to acting up and I can’t use the internet or something.


I drop my basic phone so many times I’m not getting a smart one. I can make phone calls, text and take photos. Once again, an anachronism -


Ok I was put in when I throw the phone out my window now the phone brakes and they just laught!