After 27+ years of being single

I am prepared to give dating a try with the first girl up to my standards that gives me a chance. I’m really easy to get along with and stuff so I think it I have good prospectus for a LTR with anyone who gives me a shot. Unless she turns out to be completely bat s crazy. After 27+ years I’m not gonna wait for my soulmate, hottest girl I can get, to come around. Soulmate can develop with time with almost anyone maybe? Just want the first nice and pretty girl I can find and there’s a lot of them, only 1 of me. That’s the attitude! Anyone else feel this way? How do you feel about this all? I’m not gonna lower my standards for sexual attraction but not gonna raise my standards for relationship now that I’m feeling good about myself.


What does that stand for?

You have my blessing son, go knock that cutie’s socks off.

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Long term relationship!!


Good luck @Jonnybegood yeah you can not meet a ‘perfect’ person anyway.
It is always a compromise…

Lots of nice girls… Long term relationship is the best and you learn a lot about yourself.

Good luck ! :four_leaf_clover:


Good insight I can imagine this being true. When I say there’s only one me, there’s only one Karen, there’s only one Janet, there’s only one Cynthia, etc.… Is more of a rallying cry for myself than anything :wink::stuck_out_tongue::blush::tophat::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not very picky when it comes to girls I know what I like but I don’t limit myself to races religions and stuff like that


I have faith in your abilities J.

Most people who are in relationships/or married, met their significant other by pure chance. For example, the internet, mutual friends, concerts, or just getting out and mingling.


One advice from someone in Long term relationship …

Go with the one who ‘gets you’ nothing worse than being with someone who does not even understand you…
It has been the worst thing for me. Someone I love a lot, who has not clue.


I’m not saying I’m going to date either one Because it’s AA and you’re not supposed to date especially in the first year but after the meetings at AA yesterday and I shared a lot about my experiences, being the Messiah and what not, three girls approached me over the two meetings. They were older than me but not too old to date even. The girl who is interested in me the most at first I wasn’t crazy about but then she kept giving me attention despite knowing I have a mental illness and she’s growing on me and I’ve been thinking about her a lot. Not saying anything is going to happen but it’s a start in the right direction So yeah I definitely agree with you

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I am not necessarily talking about MI.

Lots of other things. Simply understanding is crucial. He does not even laugh at my jokes. We are very different people.

Good luck!! don’t worry too much. :smiley:

Oh boy.

I just deleted a novel of a post and decided to say this,

I’m happy you are feeling better and ready to date,

Just be cautious and keep your cards close to your heart.

You are still in a very vulnerable place.

Also, be very careful with women at AA.

Especially older women that seem to be, I don’t know, a little extra accepting…

Anyone been to AA that can help explain the sexual tension at AA a little better?

@velociraptor, didn’t you go to AA? Anyone else?

Sorry @Jonnybegood, I’m not trying to rain on your dating parade, I just don’t want women taking advantage of you, or for you to get hurt.

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Going to an AA meeting to date is called “13 stepping”. It’s unhealthy for the individuals involved and it damages the group it takes place in. And, yeah, there are definitely cougars there looking for boy flesh (and vice versa – older perv males hitting on young things with boobs). They don’t care anything about your recovery or if you wind up relapsing after they’re done screwing with you.

Don’t date or have sex with other AA members if your recovery is important to you.

Edit: I should add that in my 25 years of experience, program relationships almost always end badly. We’re talking upwards of 95% and I do mean BADLY.

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Its exactly like the time I thought I could date some sexy guy I met at the hospital.

He understood my issues, he was accepting, and we had so much to talk about!

He was also super unstable and we didn’t have really anything in common, with the exception of being crazy.

The whole thing was a firestorm.

Once the sexiness of the whole thing fades, it gets ugly.

Anyway, not trying to hijack your otherwise happy dating thread.

I just really want to caution you against meeting people at AA.

Why don’t you start doing yoga?

Go to a studio and say its your first time.

The yogi ladies will love it and they’ll be touching you, helping you with positions, putting their asses up in the air,

And you’ll learn yoga!

Which is super good for you and your recovery.


Hot damn. I may just sign up for yoga!

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Why you think I go to yoga?

The healthy lifestyle thing is really just a side effect,

Everyone goes for the lady asses.


I think this is some good advice…


I have never been to AA though

I wanna meet girl in school in January but aa could help my confidence be up.


School is probably one of the best, if not the best place to meet people for dating.


Not my old school! LMAO. :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m sorry. I meant like community college and university.

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College though just gotta make an effort to be noticed and the opposite sex will give you attention. I was so sick in the head in college the girl still hung out with me and gave me chances back then but didn’t lead to anything because I was so ■■■■■■ up. I can contest college is a good place to meet people. You’re all on the same stage in life and is very social