After 27+ years of being single

Haha I hope to meet a nice gentleman when I go to back to college/ start university in the future .


And I’m sure you will. :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m jealous of him.

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Exactly. I was going to add a prior classmate on facebook, but I decided not to. The class ended a long time ago, so she would probably find it a little weird.

I don’t necessarily have a ‘thing for her.’ She told me was a psych major and wanted to study sz. I though that was cool.

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I don’t think she’d think it’s weird she might like your confidence if she digged you at all IRL. but up to you. I wouldn’t ask me for dating advice, either.

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That’s good advice, I think. I went ahead and sent her a friend request. I’m having a little anxiety about it, but what’s the worse that can happen? She’ll probably just reject it or something.

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That was what I was thinking. What’s the worst that can happen? I forgot to include that in my last post. Just don’t go on long rants and write essays to her like like I did in the past lol!!

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Hahaha, nah I wont. :slight_smile:

Thanx Jon.

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Meeting someone in school would be great.

If you’re intimidated by the vastness of the student body,

Get involved in a low key club of some sort.

They have freaking tons at every college.

You don’t even really have to get behind the cause,

I even got into a young republicans club to spend some time with this dude I was trying to bang.

(Mission accomplished)

The fun of the club is, you have a smaller group and you’re all focused on some sort of project, that naturally breaks down the awkwardness and keeps everybody chatty.

Any girl with hopes of getting into a graduate program is going to be loading up on the extra circulars, so the odds of finding someone nice and not into drugs are very good.