Afraid people will tell me I’m faking

I really want to use my experiences with this condition to start a YouTube channel, specifically to look at fictional characters who experience psychosis through the eyes of someone who lives with psychosis day to day. I’m so petrified of starting a channel and talking about things, though, because I’m afraid of people trying to say I’m faking having Schizoaffective. I already struggle so much with anosognosia and my voices gaslighting me, telling me I’m lying to my doctor and myself. Sometimes I struggle to stay on my meds. I want to use my voice to create content and speak out, but I’m so terrified to.


You can always turn off or moderate comments. Also. You don’t have to show your face.

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My voices Gaslight me by telling me that I’m lying to myself and doctors as well that’s funny

I think it’s a great idea I think it would be a wonderful creative way of dealing with your illness

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Trust me normal people aren’t going to think you’re faking. What would anyone benefit from faking an illness that damages your life so badly? Unless they were being charged with a crime for which the punishment was severe and they wanted to pretend they were insane. That’s the only case in which someone would fake this. It’s the world’s most unpleasant mental illness. If anything it instantly wins you massive genuine sympathy with anyone who has half a brain.

I’m not an expert on it though so take it with a grain of salt I guess.

Hey sometimes it’s cool having your own Channel Sometimes it can be frustrating I have a kid that has his own YouTube channel But like your thing says You’re afraid that I think you’re faking it. I often ask the question to someone who has said to me are you faking up I say are you faking normal They look at me bewildered and confused You cannot change the spots on leopard Nor can you change the attitude of a normal It just simply not possible To have common grounds with people You have to be an actor Actors fake it. So I really don’t see what your problem is

Sounds like a real good idea for a YouTube channel! I wouldn’t worry too much, not everyone is specifically looking for schz fakers or would bother to take a deeper look into your symptoms. I hope you do start the channel!