Advice on Klonopin

I’m about to start Klonopin soon and I was wondering if there was any advice people with experience with it would give me.

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Are you currently on a benzo? there hell to get off so just a warning.

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I’m not currently on one, but I need one for my anxiety and paranoia. I’ve heard conflicting reports about getting off it, but I’m willing to take the risk.

I was on Klonopin for over 20 years.
I successfully weaned myself off of Klonopin recently.

My advice to you is not to get hooked on any kind of Benzo.
Take Klonopin on an as needed basis.
Do not take it everyday.

well there all similar so if your taking one already you should know what to expect.

So your pdoc agreed to it? Congrats.

I personally didn’t have a hard time getting off it. It just kind of sucked to not have the anxiety relief anymore.

If I had a prescription for it again, I would try to take it infrequently, like not everyday, to slow down the build up of a tolerance. But I think I might become tolerant to drugs quicker than average.

I wouldn’t take it if I didn’t need it.

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My pdoc was hesitant to give me it at first because of the risk of abuse, but since I’ve been taken my meds diligently he trusts me more. I’ll try not to take it everyday, but I’m probably gonna need it every time I go outside since I don’t go out much atm because of anxiety. But I’ll make sure not to get screwed over by it.

Wow i got addictive to these at one point. was eating them like sweets. be careful.

I broke them up at first into like 6 pieces and took a little etc etc.problem is in no time you just chow the whole pill.

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How long were you on them and how hard was it getting off them?

They very easy to get from gps. Gps actually are so retarded in so many ways. They almost dream of being psychiatrists and love to diagnose with whatever they can get you on. my personal experience.

i was taking them when drank so i could get more out of it mostly, i would tkae every morning so i could just relax on my way to work. every lunch time. THe calmness is true love. its why they so addictive. and every every every night

For panic attacks they wonders, but i would rather get something long term. those are short term meds that will get you HOOKED.

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Unfortunately no other med has done much for me. Thanks for your replies.

I believe it increased my anxiety every day as it wore off. Its called rebound anxiety. Was difficult to stop. Avoid benzos as much as you can.

i’m currently on ativan (benzo), and it works for me. I’m trying not to take it every day, just as needed. But they do help with the anxiety

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I was on 0.5 cloneazepam for a year at least. It took me months to taper off it. Coming off it was hell for me.

I take 800mg (2x400mg) l-theanine a day now which is doing the job as far as anxiety is concerned.

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My advice is to take the smallest dose you can possibly get away with. I’m on 0.25 mg of Klonipin by mouth once per day as needed for anxiety, for example. I supplement with hemp oil 450 mg and CBD oil 5 mg every day in the form of Vicanna capsules by the company, Natural Earth Supplements. This helps my anxiety greatly. Makes it so I don’t have to take so much Klonipin anymore. It has the added benefit of easing my arthritis pain too. I don’t need to take narcotic pain relievers anymore.

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What do you think helps more, the CBD or the Klonopin? Also do you live in a state where medical cannabis is legal?

Two of the best sources for CBD in the U.S. in terms of quality and value are:

I researched it a lot. Bluebird has an assistance program where they offer you a discount if you’re low income or on public assistance. Green Mountain is the most affordable option I’ve found.

Benzos are probably always going to be more effective than CBD unless you develop a tolerance. CBD is not something I would rely on in crisis mode, but it is a mild and subtle help for me.

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Never liked Benzos. Never was addicted. Just screwed with my memory. Still think I have side effects. There are so many alternatives that are better. Good luck.

Last time I tried one I got paranoid.

What alternatives are you talking about?