Klonopin Reviews

So I’m going to be going on Klonopin soon, I’m wondering for those who’ve been on it for a while, what are some things you think I should know? Anything related is welcome.

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I took it for 6 years. It actually ended up increasing my anxiety over time. Was difficult to stop.
Most doctors here avoid it now. Passe.

I was on 0.5mg for about a year. It loses effectiveness after a while. It was difficult for me to come off it then. It tooks me months of tapering off it to break free from it.

I take a high dose of L-theanine now (2x400mg a day). If I decide to quit L-theanine I would have to taper off it. I couldn’t quit that high a dose cold turkey (I tried).

So my review is: Good for short term use. Short term being 2-3 months.

Used to take Klonopin, now i take ativan and I feel its much better. Klonopin is one of the worst benzos out there and if you get hooked or take too much and stop you can die. Seems to work for some, but i’d stay away. Saw a friend suffer terribly with it.

I take Klonopin. It helps me with my anxiety, but it causes memory problems. I want to stop taking it, gradually, but I don’t know if my anxiety will increase if I stop it.

I’m fortunate with klonopin. Used to take 1.0. Now I’m down to .5. I NEVER exceed that so don’t get addicted to anything more than I am. Important not to exceed your dose. But some ppl r luckier than others with klonopin. It has a long half life and isn’t as hard hitting as other benzos. You will become addicted if you take it long term but if it’s a small dose it could be a life saver and not harmful if you have anxiety…

If you find yourself exceeding dose important to tell pdoc immediately. Or else it could become real tough to get off. It feels good for some ppl. I never got high off it. To me it’s just a dirty tired feeling …benzodiazepine “high”. I rely on my small dose for anxiety and it doesn’t have much risk of abuse for me. And it shouldn’t be drank on.

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When I was first prescribed Klonopin it was a godsend for me. I was taking 1 mg up to 4 times per day as needed, which is a ton. I was a mess at that time, and Klonopin stopped the crying and got me to pull it together a little more. As others have said, though, it loses its effectiveness over time if you are on it for too long. And yeah, if you’re on it a long time you would have to taper off of it, should never quit a benzo cold turkey due to the risk of dangerous withdrawals. I think that’s more in extreme cases, though I could be wrong.

What could occurs if I take 2 mg for 6 years and start to take 1.5 mg? Is 2 mg considered a high dose in USA?

Going from 2 mg/day down to 1.5 seems to me like a small, appropriate step down. I would not expect you to experience any significant withdrawals from that, probably zero withdrawals whatsoever. As far as whether or not it’s considered a high dose in the USA, I can tell you that most scripts I see at the pharmacy are for the 0.5 mg tablets, with the patient taking anywhere from one a day up to three a day. Most just get one a day, though.

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It’s not too high. But I wouldn’t call it a LOW dose. You might have a little withdrawal feeling…anxiety, irritability the first couple days…but it should be manageable and you should be fine. You won’t get a seizure risk unless you DRASTICALLY cut the dose. Definitely not from 2.0 to 1.5. I was told to go off from .5 to 0 I should change it up by taking it .25, then taking it every other day, then every third day…because the seizure risk. But that would only be the case if u go off it completely. Sometimes it’s worth going in patient for benzo withdrawal because it’s like alcohol, u can have deathly seizures if u come off it too quick. Scary thought. But if ur not exceeding your dose just keep taking it id say but take as little as possible. What if u went to another pdoc who doesn’t prescribe benzos. That’s a fear of mine.

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I’m taking a tablet of 2 mg every night. It’s more to anxiety instead to sleep.

The question is: Even if I gradually stop it. In the final will I be anxious? I don’t know if I could be without a benzo because of anxiety. So, maybe I can reduce the dose and my memory could improve.

I think you would be fine, though if you step down to 1.5 I would stay at 1.5 for a while before stepping down to 1, let your body adjust to the decreased dose for at least a month or two before decreasing it any further. I would only do these things, though, if it is under your doctor’s guidance. Most doctors would like to see their patient take less of a benzo, even taper off it completely. But no, I don’t think going off it is going to cause you anxiety, especially if you are using it more for sleep. Insomnia, possibly. And yeah, your memory may improve.

Memory loss is cited as a symptom for many because of benzo use. If you are experiencing memory loss you should try to come down off it. Ask your pdoc to cut down your dose and see how you feel. You might be anxious especially at first if u stop benzos. I heard once one of the symptoms of coming off of it is increased anxiety. You can ask your pdoc for other less dangerous anti anxiety meds such as gabapentin if you are experiencing bad symptoms from benzo use. It doesn’t work for all but works for many. There’s a few other anti anxiety drugs but I forget the names of them. Good luck. It could be a long process coming off klonopin. But the memory loss might go away if you cut it down to 1.5 or 1.0 so give that a try first.

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I hate this ■■■■ I was taking like 4 mg a day. Terrible stuff 2 mg morning 2 at night.

Hard to get off

Yeah, there are non-benzos like Buspar and Vistaril. I didn’t think of that.


@andy wait are you using it for sleep or anxiety? I think English isn’t your first language so you made a grammar mistake and now I’m confused.


Thank you for your support.

But I have another question:

If I’m taking for 6 years, 2 mg, if I suddenly start to take 1.5 mg, is it a very high reduction considering 6 years?