Did you ever refusee to take a benzo

when I was seeing this one pdoc she put me on valium and clonidine for anxiety. I didn’t like the way they made me feel. I felt like a zombie or something while taking them my mother in law even asked if I was high.

Benzos didn’t help my everyday anxiety so much, but they did help with my panic attacks.
I was taking Klonopin for years.
I am now completely Benzo Free.

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I liked valium a lot. Maybe too much.


I take valium every day for the last 14 years it helps with my anxiety wouldnt get out the door without it . Guess after this amount of time on it I mabe addicted.


I came off benzos but I miss them sometimes. I came off them voluntarily.

sometimes when i get worried im getting addicted so i take one to stop the worry then i realise im not addicted until it wears off. haha

But i have been taking waaaaaaaay to much Clonazepam like way to much and im going to stop it. ill pad myself in my room and wont see someone for a month. that ■■■■ is deadly…

If I ever get another major panic attack, I would take some Klonopin to chill out.
Only on a as needed basis.

I cant stop the stuff. i was taking like 4mg a day.im now down to 1.

Its ridiculous how easy GP prescribes them. its been 2 months of it this one im coming off it.

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I was on Klonopin for over 20 years.
I finally recently weaned myself off of Klonopin and am currently Benzo Free.

I want to stay far away from Benzos.

i got seriously confused with the doses though.

How much were u taking?

Only 0.5mg everyday

My wife quit going to her doctor and ran out of Xanax. So she started taking mine. I am almost out and don’t get a refill for about 50 days. Will find out what life without benzodiazepines is like real soon. Hoping the paranoia doesn’t get too intense.

I made my wife a doctor appointment for June 6th. We will see if she goes or not. She has social anxiety.

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I was prescribed Valium way, way long time ago, hated it. I wouldn’t take anymore after only taking two.

i’m sorry about that @TomCat my mother in law was convinced her son needed Ativan so she started to give him mine. he was a drug addict though a little different from what is going on with you.

When I was psychotic I didn’t trust medication and tossed the Xanax that was prescribed to me. Valium I think can be pretty strong, maybe try Ativan or something, and do a lower dose, if you ever want to try a benzo again.

I turned down some morphine this morning. Gut pain diminished to the point where I was able to say no. Felt good as I worry about getting addicted to pain killers.


Benzos don’t affect me like that fortunately, I get 14 x 5mg diazepam on prescription every month, I find they really help with my anxiety and agitation without making me feel drugged. I am not addicted and can go days without them when I’m feeling ok, and my dr knows I don’t abuse them so am allowed them regularly. I’d struggle without them as my anxiety can be severe at times and I also have a tendency to get highly agitated which the diazepam helps with a lot, but without making me feel sedated. I guess I’m lucky that way.

My mom keeps giving it to me when I start to be anxious or mean or depressed… Sometimes I dont want to take them but they help me. I know, they are addictive, yeap…Its not so good to be on them but aps dont do their work for my paranoia or anxiety… My mom doesn’t understand why I am sometimes stubborn when I dont want to take them, yeah, its not her guts. I dont want them sometimes precisely just no to become addictive but sometimes I take them by my own cause I have my unbearable moments still.

I suffer from panic/anxiety symptoms and I am on clonazepam 0.75 mg tried stopping it but it caused lot of anxiety and panic at work so im stable on 0.75mg I may reduce the dose but cant stop it.

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Hi hi kevin Sup. …what are u upto …??? Do u still work…