What's so bad about Klonopin?

I stopped taking Klonopin and my anxiety got so bad, my pdoc put me back on it after about 6 months. I’ve seen posts where Klonopin is frowned upon, but I am doing fine on it. So what’s the big deal?

I’m on it @ 1.0 mg a day. I never exceed 1.0 MG and it’s not bad at all to me. It’s when you start abusing it. If you have the addict mentality where you can never have enough and you start doing xanax and just going crazy with it…that’s when it’s bad.

But if you take it as prescribed it’s not bad.

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I was only taking 0.5mg a day as prescribed, but I was becoming tolerant to the effects. So I had a choice: just come off it or up the dose. So I came off it with the help of l-theanine as a substitute.

Upping the dose is a fools game in my opinion, because it only ends when the doctor on a whim decides to stop prescribing it. Then you’re completely screwed.

Plus it’s addictive, and I didn’t want to get addicted to it.

I’m getting on fine with l-theanine as a substitute (300mg).

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I haven’t Abused Xanax In Years … ,

and They Won’t Prescribe Me Any Benzos … ,

I Think My Personality is Slightly Obvious That I Push Myself To thee Edge Sometymes and I Will Jus Test it out To See How Far e(Y)e Can Go With Pills … , Easy To Swallow and Jus Wait it out … ,

Tha Sad Part is , My Personality Disagrees Fully and Completely Sometymes With Mini Lil items and Causes a Sensation From Thee Oppisition To Prove My Point Wrong In ANY Way They Can , Even If Im Correct and It Hurts Me … ,

Im Venting (my bad yo) ,

But L(Y)Ke turningthepage Says , Jus Take It As Prescribed …

There is a physical addiction associated with it and withdrawals can be pretty awful and very long lasting, from what I hear.

It also causes issues with short term memory loss and can be toxic to the brain over long periods of time.

These are common issues with all benzos

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I’m hoping CBD medicinal marijuana can give me the same anti-anxiety properties that Klonopin does.

If so I’m going to try to get a prescription. In my state the only psychiatric disorder they prescribe medicinal marijuana for is PTSD.

i can tell them I have traumatic anxiety and CBD helps. I’m on klonopin for it but wanna stop.

Never do I want THC again but I’ve heard great things about this Charlottes Web stuff. I’m going to give it a try if I ever get the chance.

Have you heard of CBD oil? CBD weed does still contain thc, which can exacerbate positive symptoms in a very serious way

I take 1.0 mg of Klonopin a day as prescribed, and I don’t even know what Xanax is.

I really can’t believe that .8% THC coupled with 18% CBD (which supposedly has anti-psychotic properties as well), coupled with 25 MG of abilify per day can cause positive symptoms. I’m no scientist or mathematician but that doesn’t sound very likely.

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Its a different benzo, much higher dose and stronger.

Dude What’s Up With Abilify , I had To Get Injections Of That and I Literally had To Write To Tha President To Get Tha Pills Among Others … ,

What Is Abilify Yo Yo …(?)…

The issue is being extremely sensitive to it. My buddy conor couldn’t even be around people who were smoking, he’d get extremely paranoid and shut down. It’s like having a mental allergy.

He’s pretty severe, though.

What do you mean? I take 25 mg of abilify daily it’s an anti-psychotic. My psychosis goes away at 15 MG but my mood doesn’t get better until 25 MG.

Insurance doesn’t want to ■■■■■■ cover it because they’re ■■■■■■ assholes, and pharma wants to charge a buncha money for it cause they’re ■■■■■■ assholes

Hmm ,

Well I Take 12mg Of INVEGA and So and So Of Abilify , Among Others As Well , I Was Jus Curious … , No One Told Me What They Were used For … ,

I Kinda Got Threatened With and Dangled Over My Head With Needles …

I’ll be weary. I don’t think I’m overly sensitive to THC.

Don’t get me wrong I pace profusely when I smoke THC, and think about my life in a paranoid and anxious way…but my friend smokes around me all the time and I tell him it’s okay. I never hit the blunt anymore.

As we know everybodies different. I consider myself blessed that abilify works so well for me with so little side-affects. I love it. If I could be abilify’s advocate in commercials, I would. :blush:

But I acknowledge it doesn’t help everybody as well as it does for me.

Yeah it’s an anti-psychotic though.

Just things to think about. A guy I knew had a vape pen that he used cbd extract in, I guess it helped him with add or something, but it’s a pretty rad way to go about it

It Seems To Be Doing Ok e(Y)e Was Jus Curious Yo Yo … ,

I hate Looking Up Drug Info Online …

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I am a man of vices. I quit alcohol. I’d like to be able to smoke weed as just a thing to do. Roll up a doobie, go for a walk in the woods. Don’t get high but just taste that nice taste that cannabis has. And if it helps my mental illnesses, more the better.

I will look into CBD oil. Do you need a prescription to get that? Where do you live, California?

Connecticut has slightly harsher marijuana laws from California but not all that much.