Adjustments for working - poll

There is only one real adjustment I need, and that’s either hybrid working (3 days working from home, 2 days office), or fully remote

I am not sure what to ask for

The government is trying to get the civil service to get back to the office.

Not really sure what the pros and cons are, but one con for hybrid is the cost of daycare for my dog and train travel

So should I?

  • Work Fully remote
  • Hybrid

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If you could explain the benefits of your vote that would be great

  1. No money wasted on commuting.
  2. No time wasted on commuting.
  3. No energy wasted on commuting (it’s triggering therefore exhausting).
  4. Most of your co-workers will be @#$%ing idiots - you don’t want to talk to them.
  5. You can replace 4 with 5 and play with your doggo instead.

I will quit if they put me back in an office.

@#$% that.


My only worry is not getting out of my apartment and being stuck indoors 24/7/365

I will for sure make the most of weekends, but I am unsure how I’ll get on being fully remote

Your points are really helpful

Just hope the occy health will sign it all off for me. They should do


See that park area? I spend at least an hour a day walking through it. I also like to walk 20 minute south and explore this park, too:




This is thirty five minutes from my home on the east pathway:


Much more fun to walk outside in parks than spend two hours on a tram commuting.


Those pictures look amazing!

I suppose now I have the dog, working from home will be better this time, as I have an excuse to get out and about with him

Another big problem is that I have been off 9 months, and I am not sure how long to expect it to take to get into a routine with working again


My current setup is fully remote but there’s an office nearby and I can come in as often as I want. I enjoy coming in periodically because I like my coworkers. Are there any known drawbacks of asking for remote? Like would you not be able to come in if you were remote, or not have access to a desk or something? Or would your chances of getting / retaining / advancing in the job be worse?

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Do you have Android or Apple for your phone? I can recommend a wonderful free app for Android. It’s great for nagging me to do things. Helps me stay on schedule.

Same here. They’ve seen me once in two years. I showed up unannounced and latte bombed the office. They want me to come back.


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I think that if I wanted to I could go in. Advancing in the job might be more difficult, but I can do the work well standing on my head as I have a lot of experience

Suppose I could be fully remote, but still go to the odd team meeting in London (Which they will pay train fare)


I have Apple. Can you link the app so I can see if there is an equivalent ?

It also lets you schedule exercise breaks. Sends nags to my watch.

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In that case I’d say remote (just based on what you’ve said - it seems strictly better), but maybe experiment with going in and see if you like it. The flexibility can really come in handy sometimes. For example one week I had to spend 10-15 hours on the phone with insurance for an urgent matter. Harder to do if I wasn’t working from home.


Does going into the office cause you a lot of stress? Do you get along with coworkers?

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I would find it difficult after all this time being away from it

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Then I think it would be good to request working remotely.

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I voted hybrid.

It might do you good to actually have to show up somewhere a couple of days a week as it can bring along a sense of belonging and give a feeling that you are part of something. You don’t know what your colleagues will be like. But I’d say there’s equal chance that there can be people you get along with as not. Maybe it depends on what kind of work you will be doing. I only work remote in a shop. People who work in service are usually easy to get along with in my experience.

Also it gets you out of the house and it can maybe be easier to go grocery shopping or doing something else after work when you have warmed up to being outside.

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I need fully remote work. I suffer in the workplace.

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