I've been feeling under stress lately

Lately a lot of things at work have been going downhill. When I started this job we were home office, we were working on one steady project and had work only half of the day till the work was done. It was great. Then they gave us simulated cases so we have what to do at the remainer of the time. Then they made us go to the office on hybrid mode (half a month home, half a month at the office) which was still doable. Fine. I was okay with that. Now they put us on three new projects over the span of two months with nearly no training. They constantly pressure us about the handling time of the work done which is ridiculously small. They want us to go back to the office full time from next month and want to change the working hours so we start from 6am. Which means I have to move to the capital as to be closer to the office and I hate living there. I feel so much better at my small home town. At all of this is happening when I am changing antidepressants. I don’t want to quit my job because I am afraid It will be even more pressure for me. I feel so stressed out


Can you take a couple days off? Or maybe do something relaxing in your down time.

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The job may be doing something that is unfair to you though


I took all my paid leave. I’m considering sick leave if things get too rough. I don’t know if it’s just the antidepressant change.

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I am so sorry, that is rough. I know I would not be able to function in an office full of people. (I’m a remote worker.) It’s worth mentioning that I had my doctor write me a letter saying that my autism made me best suited to remote work and it is now part of my contract. Can you do something similar?

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Thank you for your support. Can you actually make this a part of your contract so that they can’t change it? Though it’s too late for me, they will make me quit like they did with the people living far away from the capital and couldn’t move due to personal reasons. It only managed this job because it was remote at the beginning. Now I am more stable but I’m afraid I might melt.

That’s the case for me.