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This article is kind of the counter point to my first one that tells you to make yourself a more acceptable person to get a date. It is for those of us who are on the outside looking in, even though it’s Disney.

How do you feel about yourself? Are you date ready or do you want to find someone who will love you for the way you are? Which point of view is right?


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My girlfriend is very loving and we are quite affectionate with hugs and kisses a lot. Angela understands me whereas a lot of women don’t that aren’t mentally ill.

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That’s nice that you have her support. You are still in the honeymoon phase? I like that phase. It isn’t where the work is, but it’s the communication there that is the basis for future decisions.

I am glad that I’m single, so I can focus on school. Going back has me looking at my future again. I have to piece together who I want to be.


It’s hard to say? Before I stopped drinking only once a month I was unstable and broke up with her after every time I would drink and it broke a lot of trust. The final time I broke up with her was on her birthday. sheesh I don’t like myself when I am delusional.! So there really wasn’t ever a honeymoon. I told her I don’t believe in marriage because my ex wife whom I still talk to daily was supposed to last forever and it didn’t. So I will be single the rest of my life even though I share my life with Angela. She understands that. Since I only drink once a month now I feel much better and she and I have her two dogs that I love and adore. It gives me something to do while Angela is at work.

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It looks like you have a strong foundation of trust in spite of your lack of a honeymoon phase. I’m glad you are doing well.


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thanks metime, I hope you are just as well. I am currently kind of stressed about finances because Angela is waiting for her bosses to return to work so that she can get paid. Ever since last Monday after the bosses told her she was out of hours is why she hasn’t been paid the bosses got approval to give them “gift pay” for their hours. Now they’ve been gone ever since and no one not even her co worker boss has been paid. They are a week late already. I have my weed to calm me down. It will be o k. I hope.

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I am dating someone and broke the news of my diagnosis tonight. He seemed alright about it. We talked for like three hours.

I hope he likes me for who I am. I made it clear that I am recovering and highly functioning, just forgetting it ever happened and ■■■■.

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It’s good that you are on the same page now. I hope it sinks in of how great a guy you are.

I think adversity makes better people than those who we see as perfect. You can’t breed greatness.


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There are things you can do proactively to help her situation. Have her call the Better Business Bureau or file a complaint online. It shows you only being able to file a complaint if you’re a customer. I’d try it anyway.


Search legal services for what ever state you live in. Call them during business hours. They are your best chance at getting help or being pointed in the right direction. It is a free service to you. Don’t go with a place that looks like their asking for money.

thanks metime, she plans on contacting the labor board in one week if we still haven’t been paid. That’ll fix their wagon good. It’s a baptist organization that runs the church camp where she works. Management, reception and maintenance are all on salary. House keeping is allocated a certain large number of hours to work each year and when their hours run out they have to beg the mercy of the rich baptists for their pay…so disgusting to me really.

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I honestly believe it’s not just finding the right person… it’s also finding them at the right time…

There has to be time in your life and as far as being date ready… I think there is an element that just can’t be planned. You can’t plan who you might meet out of the blue someday.

I couldn’t plan who my neighbor was going to be.



No dating.

More coffee.

More cigarettes.

Copious amounts of sleep.

May death come swiftly enough.

Thank you first for posting this topic

I feel alright/okay about myself these days.i think i am date ready because i am a little more matured in my thinking
i really hope to find someone who will love me for who i am,haha,i expect the best for this,but i am not unrealistic positive

never forget about your past,i read that you need to accept past and be happy with life,i don’t know if i did that,but thats just alot of psychology article i read,it must have its reason

Well not forget but become desensitized to it- I will never forget it, I just have to look at it a different way. The reality is that it was a waking nightmare, hell on earth, ect. and now it’s over and life is good again. Thats a big deal, going from “Im cursed until death” to “my life will be good”

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