I really need others now


Was this a trap set just for me? Are you trying to lure me into.something?

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I gotta admit it. I get physically lonely, too. I’m not sure I trust myself, though. I might bite.
@77nick77 It’s been too long and I’m too old to be luring you. But if you got me drunk, I would probably change my mind. :tumbler_glass:


Well, I appreciate your honesty. But you’re 32 years to late, I quit alcohol in 1990. I get lonely too but I am in the general vicinity of other people a lot and that helps me. Maybe you too?

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Yes, but they’re all women.

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Oh, I see. You want some male attention.

It would be nice. But, at my age, it is not a need. There is a little give and take to being with a man that is not so with other women.

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how old are you, @pretzel ?

I’m 76. In some ways I am immature. In some ways I’m not.

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