Abilify related sleep issues?

i have been on abilify now for 3 months. It has been good as far as taking away my voices but i have noticed a possible unwanted side effect. I have no trouble falling asleep but i wake up every 1 to 2 hours all night long and have very strange dreams. Has anyone had a similar problem with this medication?

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I haven’t had those problems, but it seems like since I’ve been on Abilify I actually require a good 7-8 hours of sleep to function well the next day, when I used to be able to get by on 5-6 hours/night.

I am not sure if it is my abilify or the psychosis that kept me up for like 5 days straight with zero hours of sleep—but yes, I only sleep in little 3 hour intervals at a time, with breaks of an hour minimum in between. I also have very vivid and distressing dreams. Not sure if that’s the abilify of my sza, though.

I kind of adjusted to it, so I will sleep early, like 8-10 and then stay up until about 1 and then sleep again until like 2 or 3 and then get up and stay up for a while and then sleep again until around 8. Like every night. For like years (been on abilify for like a decade now). I just added l-theanine as a supplement, which is supposed to help regulate sleep and help with positive symptoms of sz (for more info, see the l-theanine “pinned” topic on the forum front page).

I hate dreaming. I smoke cannabis (don’t follow my lead, a lot of sz’s get triggered by thc, I am just tolerant to it from decade or more of smoking), and that eliminates my dreams, thank goodness. Hopefully, the vivid dreams are just a part of the sza, and I’m hoping that by taking the l-theanine i can eliminate dreams and cut down on cannabis.

No , but I sleep a good 8-9 hours on abilify. No dream issues for me. Try telling your doctor about it.

I know this feeling too well… I used to fall asleep in an instant and nowadays its becoming hard but I get my sleep so for me that’s the main thing. Do you get enough sleep though?

ya im not sure actually if the crazy dreams are the abilify or just me, i do get enough sleep so maybe this is just something i have to deal with. I told my pdoc and she upped my gabapentin and last night i slept for 6 hours straight so maybe increasing that will actually help.

Not had those issues, I sleep way to much, pretty much I ly down and I’m gone on demand.

@manallive77 we started abilify at about the same time. Currently taking 15mg. I have difficulties sleeping too. According to my fitbit I’m only awake for short periods of time. But am restless about 20-25x a night. Also having weird, vivid dreams.

Yes i had the same on abilify. Still taking it though for the benefits outweigh the side effects in my case.

I keep waking up at five am every morning.no matter what time i go to bed.