Abilify Injection & Severe Arm Pain

I just got my injection today we decreased the dose to 300mg from 400mg. Oh my GOSH my arm pain from this injection is like no other.

Anyone else experience this? Usually it doesn’t cause this much pain. I can barely lift my arm.

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Hope your arm feels better soon! Can I ask if the Abilify is helpful, for what symptoms?

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It’s very helpful. Mostly for hallucinations both visual and auditory. I feel very stable on it.

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That’s awesome, does it help with negative symptoms at all?

Yes I do believe so. It’s the only one that’s really helped to make me more level if that makes sense. I feel more on a straight line than severe peaks and severe lows.

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No! No! No!

I can’t believe your Nurse practitioner is giving you this needle in your arm! It goes in your upper hip. I get the same shot every 3 weeks.

Next time ask for the shot in your upper hip for sure!


I agree with having the shot in the upper hip.

Today as with every four weeks I got my haloperidol decanoate 150mg in my left hip. Also a hirunamine 25mg shot in my right hip. The first is to last 4 weeks and is a great help and the second is to chill me out as I don’t sleep very well the night before or during the long drive to my dr.

Sometime it can be really painful for a week or two. Other times not so much. The haloperidol is not to be massaged in and dissolved where as the hirunamine is to be massaged away.

It’s a real pain in the @rse. But most definitely not in the arm.

Good luck with your pain.


@Summer2 the pain is temporary if not you may not feel the pain at all and recover quickly.

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I had severe pain from Invega Sustenna (monthly injection). I was on it for a little over a year. For the first 9 months or so, there was no pain or just mild pain. I always switched between arms, for the injections.

But then it started hurting more and more, little by little. My last injection was the worst, which is a big reason that I stopped Invega Sustenna.

The last injection caused a lot of inflammation in my deltoid muscle and surrounding muscles. It was so bad, that I couldn’t lift my arm, at all, for a month. I couldn’t get undressed without help.

But anyway, I don’t have advice. Just wanted to say that the same thing happened to me.

Let your doctor know about your pain and see if they have any solution. For me, the solution was to switch to oral meds. But maybe your doctor will have a different solution. Good luck.

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