Do you have good experience with them?

I’m getting the Abilify Maintena shot this week…

Yes i have abilfy also

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Do you get shot in your arm or?

I’m getting an Abilify Maintena shot in an hour. I think its better then Invega shots.

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Don’t know maybe the buttock idk

I get the abilify injection. It’s working out alright.

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I get the Abilify Injection every 3 weeks in the upper hip area.

I get Invega Sustenna injections. It’s going well so far.

Have you at first tried the oral Abilify just to see if you’re not experiencing any side effects? Because, you know, after the injection you’re kind of enslaved by it. Extrapyramidal symptoms are not fun at all.

I went to the nursing clinic
and got my depo as I have done the
last 10 years.

I’m on Invega injection. No problems with it, doesn’t hurt, have it in upper arm, although the nurses doing it spy on me.

Yes, I take haldol injection

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I have tried the oral Abilify twice, I’m on it at the moment

When I was on Medicaid, I got Invega shots. I liked that I had proof I was taking my medicine and that the men were still following me because they’re real.