Tomorrow’s my abilify shot

Annoying but necessary :frowning:

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Got my depixol shot today


i had my risperdal consta shot today.
Good luck with the shot tomorrow.


thanks :slight_smile: i hope it will go well

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I get my Invega Sustenna injection next week.

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Your response is very adult of you! Proud of you!

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Got the shot , it hurt little

yea it hurts a little bit but not too much huh. I don’t mind the jab anymore… it’s just when they inject it, it feels a bit weird but after that i don’t feel anything anymore.

do they inject it in your hip or arm?

in the hip near my bum. I asked them to do it there cause i prefer that. Where do they inject it for you?

usually in the hip but this time they injected it in my arm lol

oh yea i don’t like it in my arm… it’s more sore in the arm than in the bum i think

yeah it does hurt afterwards

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