Abilify dose: 10, 15 or 20 for depression. Any experiences?

My Pdoc said, that on top of my negative symptoms i have lately got a clinical depression
AD mediciation doesn’t work anymore - i have tried several.

She said, that i could try to increase abilify dose from 10 to 15 or even 20.

I just took 20. I really hope it works. I’m pretty stuck.


20mg was too heavy for me. I felt like a zombie. I’m on 15mg now and that’s ok.

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Thanks, i will try to see, i’m a bit scared of the zombiefication thing.

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Shouldnt abilify be stimulating?

Yes, i have read and heard that here as well… But someone experiences increase of numbness (zombiefication). I hope i get stimulated. Im very tired at the moment, and having difficulties doing stuff that was easy two months ago.

A lot of people are on abilify due to depression- I’ve seen several people who are on abilify.

Some of my friends said that it’s helpful. You should start with the lowest dose and move up to a higher dose if necessary.

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Thanks, i’m on the lovest therapeutical dose (10 mg) i just ate 20 mg, tomorrow 15 mg.

I have just read that increasing dose above 15 mg for depression isn’t more beneficial than staying on 15 mg.

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