From 10 mg abilify to 20 only for fatigue?

I am extremely tired and taking 5 mg olanzapine + 10 mg abilify, but thinking about stopping olanzapine and instead increasing abilify from 10 to 20 mg.

I do not have any positive symptoms. Just fatigue.

Anyone out there experienced increased energy on abilify?

(i’m not interested in supplements or special diets, i eat healthy and take Vitamin B)

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Everbody is different. But I found 20mg abilify too sedating. I’m ok on 15mg though. So maybe try 15mg first

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Thanks, that is interesting, i thought abilify increased energy

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Off meds had more energy than on 15-20mg Abilify.
On risperdal 6mg I have much less energy than on 15-20mg Abilify.

My pdoc told me that Abilify increases energy until you go above 15mg, after that she says it gets sedating

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thanks @Aziz @RottenApple that was exactly the information i needed. I switch to 15 mg not 20


Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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