A tummy ache is telling me I'm sorry for some of my posts

So I’m apologizing for being so negative. Maybe being reprimanded is making me feel different like I don’t belong here but I have to realize when I’m being toxic to others who are living on a different plane.


You’re not the only one who has negative feelings. I know I do. It’s how we express them that matters. I wouldn’t worry too much about being inappropriate among schizophrenics.


I give you a great big ЅQuĖĖžŸ ((((((((((HüG)))))))))) @chordy.

Let me just say that If I could present nothing but a cheery, pleasant face and attitude to the world, I wouldn’t need this forum.

Please Sz.com,don’t silence those of us who need a safe place to talk about the things no one should have to have experienced.


i just read your post chordy it was fine…no need to say sorry.
i think @SZadmin was wrong to say what he/she did…
" you must deal with the past "…to deal with the now… and the future.
simple psychology.
as for @velociraptor …some of us had very hard beginnings, and i mean extremely…paedophile fathers…evil mothers…hard to get over.
the trauma in childhood shapes the adult mind.
if we can’t express ourselves negative or otherwise…what is the point of the forum.
and as other people have said on here…you can always skip the subject matter if you find it offensive.
post away @chordy …you are good in my books . :heart:
take care :alien:


Dear Chordy, I did not experience any negativity from the post.

I like your posts.


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Yeah, me too. Didn’t have a father, but my mom managed to find some extremely evil and perverted replacements. Still got some residual issues with my plumbing from childhood abuse. Not everyone here knows that because I don’t work it into every post. At some point you have to unpack your baggage – that ■■■■ is too heavy to pull behind you for your entire life.

If people need to share about a painful experience with a parent, I understand that. Those of us who are parents would appreciate it – the men especially – if we all didn’t get slagged as evil in the process, however. That was really offensive.

Glad you’re back @chordy.



Pessimism is what an optimist calls “being a realist”. Silly, but really illustrates how life can sometimes downright hurt, and how that hurt can resonate for awhile. Never a better time than now to unburden yourself though @chordy. Just as @velociraptor said. I’d say there just might be some peace in the shadow of that pain!

I had no idea about your childhood. I’m glad you opened up about it. And since you never had your father around, I can see why you were defending fathers - you are on new territory and you are extra aware. I will, in the future, just refer to my own father when I want to complain about him. Getting this issue written about out in the open had a positive effect on me so I’m glad it happened. I will be more careful in the future.

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