Feeling low on here. people mad at me

I feel there are a lot of people on here that don’t like me on here. I didn’t mean to offend anyone with my belief that schizophrenics need their meds. I am only trying to offer advice coming from someone who knew what it was like to not be on the right meds. I hope everyone on here can still handle being around me.


I think your heart is in the right place! You just may come off as aggressive to some, which can happen when someone is dedicated to a point of view.


The problem with making statements based on personal experience is that not everyone had the same experiences as you, as you are an individual.

So by making a sweeping statement, you’re bound to find people who object to your thinking. In a way you were asking for a fight when you decided to stand strongly on one side of an issue.

While all our opinions are valid, arguments are bound to arise over just about anything as humans are wont to do. No reason to feel as if everyone is against you or wants yo hurt your feelings, in fact, that feeling is most likely delusional.


I get nervous about the same thing, hence many of my posts being deleted by flagging them myself. I usually can tell when I’m going overboard if they’re too lengthy, but sometimes I just click on them before I read them back. No worries with me, I don’t think anyone’s mad at you or has a problem with you either.


@jukebox I have noticed that you’ve been uncharacteristically blunt on some of your recent posts. This is unusual for you which is why I noticed it.

I’m wondering if the stress from dealing with things like your sick dog may be affecting you?

In any case, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. We all care about you here on the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


We all make mistakes, don’t worry yourself.


Don’t take it personal my friend.

I’ve mad poor decisions in the past and you get censored but that isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes it’s hard to think outside what you’ve lived…I’ve been guilty of that for sure!

I like your stuff and I wouldn’t worry. Some things rub people the wrong way but it’s important to have a voice. I don’t mind the mods these days. I think this place is administered the best it’s ever been. No complaints from me. That makes a great community and your one of those members!


Popcorn… popcorn here…

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I’m not going to lie some of your posts recently have come off a bit argumentative and judgemental. But its ok we all have our moments I come across like that sometimes too.

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@PatrickT that was over the line.

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Don’t be worried about petty stuff @jukebox.

Your concern was a kindhearted concern but we should be fair, you are right that herbs and supplements are not so strong to become replaced by APs, but after taking your AP, they help alot,
We should put pressure on APs as a must but after that we can not deny the effect of herbs and supplements,
After right kind of AP, even the food we eat is important,

I don’t think anyone here is upset with you, you wanted to show us that herbs and supplements are not a substitute of APs and that was a right and justified opinion, at least for me,

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Eh don’t worry about others. You havthe right tomexpress yourself. I know I irritate people. Fact is they don’t live in my house so if Hattie then ignore. I’ve felt myself overwhelmed with this site like when I really needed a med change. Maybe take a couple says off…don’t take me the wrong way…I just don’t see how others gphave a problem with you. But my perception could be off. Hugs regardless


Just looked at all my typos artane time I wish lol

It’s normal for people to disagree from time to time. All individuals coming from different experiences. Doesn’t mean anyone is mad at anyone.


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