A thread about...human sexuality!

Human sexuality, I love to discuss human sexuality.

Who here is human (or not) who would love to discuss human sexuality?

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I don’t like romantic relationships or intimacy.
I like being alone.


How do I find out my gender? :smile:

I’m asexual, so my view on human sexuality might be biased.
I feel a lot of people confuse intimacy with sex. It’s nice to lie in bed with someone and kiss and cuddle them, that’s intimacy. But for many people, that leads to wanting an orgasm, in other words, sex.
Many people don’t seem to be able to separate the two, and therefore think the only way to have intimacy is to have sex.
I tell my partners straight up that I’d love to have intimacy with them, but if they want an orgasm, they have to “take care of it” on their own.


Folk thought they had gotten away…

Let’s talk, people…

I’m human.
I want sex at some point soonish in my life.
Not right this minute though.
It’s like food basically in some way. Gotta have it.

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The ones who fail at the mating dance go home alone :roll_eyes:


Straight people have boring porn.


It’s gettin’ to be that time of day…


That’s only if you keep to the vanilla stuff.


Or should I say “evening”? :sweat_smile:

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I’m scared…


Let’s chat… 15151515 :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s all in your mind.

How’s everybody in the UK doing?

@anon94176359? You good? :grinning::smile

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Doing good thanks buddy! You well?

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my sexuality is the bane of my existence lol. I’m bisexual, but romantically I’m much more interested in women and sexually I’m much more interested in men. it complicates things a lot. i don’t really care much about sex, so the natural choice would be to choose women, but having a family with children who are my own one day is very important to me as well, so men would be the better option for that. it gets very aggravating trying to work out how to deal with it, I have a bit of a plan around the issues with my current girlfriend but it still frustrates me to no end

long story short, girls need to jizz so I can have my ideal life, dammit


On a serious note, it’s important that we have this conversation here…

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I don’t like human emotional relationships or sexual intimacy anymore either. I’ve been burned too many times. I’m done with it all.