A thread about...human sexuality!

How are you doing @Feather_moon ?

You could try dating trans women who haven’t surgically changed their genitals?

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Its as natural like going to toilet. We are evolved animals.Well trained.

I’ve always been open to that idea, just haven’t met a trans woman who I am romantically or sexually interested in yet. if I did though, that would be a lot of my issues solved haha


@freddiefreaker why don’t you try polyamory. You can have a bf and gf then.

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I’ve given it a shot, it doesn’t really work for me. I’m monogoamous, I feel uncomfortable with more than one partner

I bought the book “Male Sexuality.” I thought it could help me work through some issues. But it’s geared more towards couples.

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I thought the Stork brought the babies.


i feel hounded harrassed and very insulted like everyone in the “normie” world is trying to put down my sexuality as dirtier than others.

i never touched anyone the wrong way or accosted anyone for a sexual experience, i never harrassed anyone regarding sex either.

it must be stigma and prejudice.



Thank you for sharing! @ifeelblessed

I’m a bisexual female too. But I’m the opposite of you. I was always more romantically interested in men, and more sexually interested in women.
Sex with women was always a strong drive in me, especially when I was younger so I naturally always chose to date mostly women.

I got the urge to marry and have a kid out of the way early in my life by marrying at 19 and divorcing at 26. After that, I just focused on the females.

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My wife had thought she was asexual until we met and our energies and personalities mixed very well.
I respect her when she’s not feeling up to it, but I feel there are more people like you out there who are often times pressured to have sex from demanding partners and I feel there should be more awareness on pressuring partners who arent comfortable engaging in sex. Especially those who just want affection in the forms of non lewd acts.

It’s always good to see when people find themselves as you did.

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My sexuality is very non existent but im fine with that. I used to get super worried about trying to figure myself out in my teens but ive spent the last year or so not caring at all and i feel a lot better. It’s a problem for my 25 year old self maybe

Romantically I’m bi or maybe a lesbian. I’m also asexual that might be related to me having no libido at all due to my meds for as long as I can remember. I don’t see any point to sexual attraction if you don’t have a libido. I can’t remember what it feels like so I’m not interested anymore and my meds work for me so I’ll stay on them. I do experience romantic attraction but I don’t seek out romance or have any interest in it at all unless I spontaneously get romantic feelings and it’s rare.

i know where to put it if thats what you mean,

do women like a man who takes his top off?

I’m straight. Haven’t been in a relationship in years now. I feel I may be asexual. As it isn’t something I’ve actively sought out.

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That’s great! @anon40653964

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I am a wanker and so happy with it.:heart_eyes:
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