A Schizophrenic's message to another Schizophrenic

A Schizophrenic’s message to another Schizophrenic.

Life is nothing but disconnected stories. Follow your dreams. Stop following your nightmares.

Anti psychotics give us a little relief from nightmares but they don’t end them.

We need to understand that nightmares are not real,

we need to understand that we need to put conscious effort

on how to stop living with nightmares generated in our Brains,

we, some how must kick start our Brain to follow our dreams.

We live with nightmares as if they are real.

I hope we win the War.

A War constitutes of several battles,

each battle is won by it’s preparation,

you might lose all the battles,

but one battle is all you/we need.

We need to win one Battle on Schizophrenia, to win the War on Schizophrenia.


My delusions and hallucinations aren’t real, but my compulsion to commit suicide is, and nightmares are real, people with and without mental disorders experience it.

I’m not meaning to drag this post down, I’m just being realistic. I see what you mean though. Oddly enough, I love myself, I like everything about me, and my schizophrenia bothers me, yes, but not always, it certainly isn’t constant. Sometimes my voices are soothing, and only twice have they been mean, never commanding.

I do follow my dreams, and thanks for sharing this message. I’m a poet, and am moving forward with my goal of being published. I won’t stop, and I thank my mental illness for my creativity.

I think we need to live positively, with the knowledge that our nightmares can be lessened, with much effort, medication, therapy, vitamins, exercise, and sleep.

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I totally agree with you. All the best as far as the book goes.

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Well my professor created a magazine with 31 of my poems copyrighted. So I’m heading on up!

I feel like I’m bragging lol

And thank you so much. It will be published in my lifetime.

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There is nothing in here that counts as bragging, I guess.

Any way here is my theory…


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Very interesting. I have a whole list of theories myself, that have to do with theology, physics, psychology, and mathematics.

We must be thinkers. I guess being ill does that to you.

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I came up with first postulate when I was 19 so back then I didn’t live like a Schizophrenic

but, it’s true that it took several years to develop that simple Mathematics—Physics Theory.

I posted it on Internet time and again

and with the criticism and

questions from others I was finally able to deliver it

Can I ask what your theory is?

view is maths wise.?.

Nightmares are not that bad for me, though. Even though there is pain involved and there are some very intimidating moments, I feel that it is all a part of recovery.

Just think, nightmares create supernatural states of fear, thus when you return to this world, the states you experience seem trivial in comparison and therefore become obsolete. To me, nightmares are just part of reprogramming the brain to be less fearful of X, Y, or Z in the real world.

Very true…