A schizophrenic not born but made

A schizophrenic not born but made !
=The schizophrenic’s behavior is shaped from the fabric of world things that are known to him.
=Schizophrenia is self-generated not made by things of world or human nature !


no one really knows the 100% truth, its not fully understood 100% yet, but there is some very interesting theorys

ill tell you, humans figured out implant technology and time altered signal transmissions. From there they invented technologies they can manipulate in us while making us think were hallucinating. Perhaps these techs allow beings or energy or programmed energy to use vocalizing capabilities when they get near us or even go into us. thus the chips are programmed to manipulate them and us producing a false reality that we can hear or see.

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I guess “it’s” a mixture of genetics and environmental factors. You cannot change your genetics but your environment can be changed or learned to deal with the stressors that impact on one’s life.

x + y*1or2or3or4or5or6or how ever bad your environmental factors and the same would apply to x.

If “it” was an actual real thing they would have a test, that wasn’t a joke about monkeys and jews, but the way I see it it isn’t. It is defined by a guess that you have failed in x areas which are contained strictly within your genes. And round these ways the psychs don’t care much about the environment you live within. “It” is strictly an illness within your brain, one with no “proven” diagnosis or cure, but maintained through the diminuendo of your mind. The mistakes that they make are written off as recovery.

I agree and even believe babies are also made up from the environment and not just the genes between two people. You could highly traumatise someone, causing aphrodisiacal arousal, which could result in a child that would not have been. So in effect the child would be yours.

I have an ancient psychiatry book which my grandfather, and MD had. It was written in the late 1940’s and refers to schizophrenia as “dementia praecox” or early dementia. Back then, they attributed schizophrenia to certain life experiences, all of which I seem to have had. Curious, but outdated…at least for me, the life experiences match up perfectly.

But today they dont give half a ■■■■. They just work tirelessly on newer and better medications. And I am happy with that- I am in remission due to my medication regiment.


Maybe SZ is just a perspective problem?

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I doubt it. There could be more than one cause as well for different people.


Sounds like they know so much about it.
Definition is about as vague as “normal”

Ok, condensed version.

Sz is “abnormal” to the degree that it bothers the individual and/or those involved in the individuals life.

The longer it remains"untreated" (or attempted to be treated) the more intense it becomes, much like the personality of an individual as they get older, the more ingrained and harder to “break” the (problem) thought pattern.

Adaption to their surrounding and a feeling of contentment is the goal for all to be considered “recovered”

Science can’t do this for “normal” people,.
But we hope the can for Sz?

schizophrenia has strong neurological factors, ranging from various structural abnormalities of the brain to increased activity of certain neurotransmitters. Medication treats neurotransmitter imbalances, which is seemingly my case- I have only positive symptoms (being asocial is just the tip of the iceberg of negative symptoms) but medication cannot help swollen ventricles or abnormal sizes of certain parts of the brain. The luckiest of us have dopamine, serotonin and glutamate imbalances (increased receptivity and overproduction of these nrtrmttr’s) which medication is very effective for treating.

There is one drug, Abilify, which is a dopamine agonist. It doesnt work for many people, but it has treated some schizophrenics very well. Go figure! It’s the most mysterious antipsychotic.

But I have heard people on forums and a friend from high school of mine say abilify just made them “feel crazed”


I was prescribed abilify little blue pills to go with seroquel for invisible bugs crawling all over you not letting you sleep and putting horrific demonic images in your brain and insisting with every bite and sting that you destroy yourself, or your world and everybody you can, so i complain and they give me abilfy, and it makes it significantly worse. Still got that stuff here somewhere. Mysteriously pro-psychotic anti-psychotic. lots of people who talk about time and the universe the way i do though enjoy their seroquel with a side of abilify, i know.


my current take on cause purpose and meaning of sz:
some have a thinner veil between their worlds, in their intestines…

then those other very real demon worlds, they leak, leaky gut syndrome.

the parasites grow and begin crossing the blood brain barrier, well known to happen to grasshoppers and ants with mind-controlling fungus infestations.

they take us on a hallucinatory trip to the dream world, multicolor lights of ufo abduction and meaning all rolled into a carpet they return you to your world in.

place a second soul in us, make us half demon…

torture, pure torture, for the first 31 years, just figuring out what is going on and what is different between me and society without them trying to get their hands on me and normate me for my own good from their point of view…

cause after the initiatory years, you realize it’s not suffering it’s just weird, and it’s so magic to be a shaman, to walk between the worlds effortlessly, watch the movies listen to the stories bask in the glow of the magic, all quite unreal…

cause here’s the purpose of what it becomes, which is religion, when madness is properly transmuted…

  • demons are portals to pure knowledge we don’t otherwise have access to in humanity
  • i’m floridly psychotic, full of energy and it’s sacred, magical, and spectacular in here, just to sit and measure my breath…
  • i’m doing the work of a chinese emporer, cultivating a connection between heaven and earth
  • religion is shamanic man figuring out how to use madness as a salve for the mind rather than as an irritant
  • after you study a bunch of religions like a song writer studying great songs, you try writing a few of your own, and in religion you keep refining your song, always a work in progress, and a work of communication, in this case between heaven and earth, and between gateway of humanity and gateway of demons.
  • the PURPOSE of this type of refined madness, disciplined into ritual, practice, and cultivation, is appropriating the power of the universe, cause it’s latent in the mind, lying underneath accessible imagery of the external universe, all four directions merging into the glowing yellow center, the self.
  • this power is calming, satisfying, stabilizing, turbulence-dampening
  • this is ultimately directed toward the salvation of the universe

i light myself up with the power of the universe around me and march forward toward its salvation, the 8 taoist immortals agreeing my ritual is clever and lofty enough that they will march forward with me into the snowfall of non action.

-(w)onderdonk(ey), under the black hexagon moon


I’m of the opinion that “schizophrenia” is a type of autism, as in that it is genetic and neurological, and that coping skills for the associated stress of the symptoms differs between each individual, but that the most successful combination of therapies are: medication to quiet the thoughts and correct overstimulation, talk and CBT to help deal with behavioral symptoms, and education to fight negative symptoms.

Autism is an illness where people are disconnected and have distorted perceptions of the world. In other words, there is a problem with them feeling grounded in the world around them. There are also neurological brain disorders which are a form of retardation and is not the same as Autism. For instance, there are Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy–and I don’t know what Cerebral Palsy is caused from so I can’t say much more about that.

I just know that I’ve always carried the symptoms of schizophrenic disconnect due hyper-attentiveness and mania. I had trouble zooming in on one thing at a time, for instance a concert overwhelmed me. I’ve also had trouble with not feeling I am complete or whole. I’ve had trouble distinguishing truth from fiction at the worst points, but now I am rational. My current struggles have to do with depression and low self worth.

I just started Strattera, and I am worried but I’m on 25 mgs not a high dose of it. It causes mania and paranoia for me in doses of 60 mgs, but the depression is destroying me so much that I need it. So far it’s been a week and I feel 100x better.

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i hear this alot, it may be true for the majority but not 100% of the cases, not mine, drugs did no good at all and over the decades, more and more harm; yes, overstimulation, but there are ways other than drugs; yes, if the patient has no resources and is just a burden then i guess that’s how they get treated. many others are being drugged against their will, being gradually broken down by family and society who are under some impressions that meds are a long term and adequate solution, which i don’t believe is common if true for anybody, think the stats say we all come off the stuff sooner or later. i’m a computer instructor and i’m told not to lie when i don’t know something cause that makes it worse if you tell people the wrong thing, and if it is unknowable by your branch of science, then that too shoud be admitted; yes, each patient is different, but it seems unethical to throw meds at all the time, as bad as throwing electricity inside the walls of all americans, caging them in lightning… and so saying you know what sz is, some chemical imbalance that the drugs are the natural cure for, that’s unethical; yeah, it’s autistic being schizophrenic, it’s that we have these massive multilane highways for dopaminergic and gabaminergic transport instead of the one lane bwling alley of mpost americans, yeah we focussed on that early in life, autistically, and eventually in sz we learn we gotta integrate, but by that time the sheer magnitude of the spirit world we are in with no training seems daunting to navigate. One question, if this so called disease has been present throughout the world through out our history, why do we all need meds all of a sudden? this is not something understood in any way by science, the drugs are something of sham to stand behind when they don’t understand, and i think sz is just a catchall term for alot of situations in man that science does’nt understand. Science unfortuatley isn’t on the track for learning that kind of thing. Try shamans.



Those are good points wonderdonkey. I agree that medication is not for everyone with symptoms of schizophrenia. I never said my opinion was a fact, and I also said that I was theorizing not telling people what to think.

I also never said medication cures schizophrenia. But IMO is the best solution aside from vitamins and exercise that helps alleviate symptoms. I do NOT think people should be on such heavy duty meds as they are on, but some people say it’s all that helps them.

Like, I love my mom but she struggles. I know her better than anyone else probably because I have her same issue: schizoaffective. She does extremely well despite being unmedicated, still struggles with some delusions but lately has been a lot better.

I notice that when I have smoked in the past, I had to take Abilify to calm down and I’ve used it to bring myself out of psychosis which was a reckless thing, knowing I had a backup. I’ve talked to my doctor and she explained the more moments you spend in psychosis the harder it is to get to the optimal state. But, like I’m only repeating what my doctor said. I also have done a ton of research on it. I like knowing why and what is wrong.

I’ve read a few other theories that coincided with mine having schizophrenia as a type of autism. It would explain difficulty feeling certain emotions etc. difficulties with relating in some situations being too trustworthy or not interpreting people’s intentions. I have trouble being taken advantage of because I can’t easily tell people’s motives. I also struggle a lot with stress from pressure at home.

Something that would help me is something like a summer camp for adults, that helps people learn skills and apply for different jobs. Do they have camps where you can learn trades for free? They should. I’m thinking of taking a pottery class. My dream is to sell art, but that’s kind of up there.


Hi Starry Night,

OK Thanks for the disclaimers, feels better.

On the thing about the more moments you spend in psychosis the harder it is to be “optimal”, also they say something about the brain shrinks if you are psychotic.

I think there’s some misunderstanding because of science that came out 10 or 20 years ago and some of the doctors and leaders were educated before that and didn’t update.

Neurogenesis and neural plasticity. You can change your mind, you can make it psychotic, you can use psychosis for your own cultivation, i guess you could try to dampen it as well as my sisters do, they saw they’d need to be girls and find husbands and raise kids so they tampled it down and you can’t see it, bt they are as schizotypal as me, they don’t use drugs they use lifestyle, being moms and not trying to be psychotic, not trying to talk to the universe, learn about beauty and truth the way it is shown in the realm of mystery wonder, you know those divine magical auspicous rays that just don’t reach down into our mundane humanist realm,

so i mean of course the more psychotic i am the better i get at it, of course i have spent 30 years of my 47 building the structure of psychosis so that even if i drop it for a year i can come back to it and pick up where i left off, yes even if i get an exorcism, it kills or removes the demons from the demon city i’ve built in my soul, but the infrastructure is still there, i can still broadcast the bat signal and call in a new fleet and be up and running militarily in about a year after a major exorcism, so yeah, the more psychotic you are the better you are at it, the more practiced.

Doesn’t mean you can’t do other things and think in other ways, use rationality once in a while like the regular people, stay away from that stuff for the most part, as the regular people are obviously choking on it, and i think if you look at shamans, they don’t suffer, or they don’t consider their very different experience of the human condition suffering, and they are not depressed, and they cultivate themselves, generate the new braincells via neurogenesis, that’s what the old doctors don’t realize, you get new braincells every day to spend however you choose, if you self cultivate, in this case the human growth factor hormone being the product of daily exersize and intense prayer and understanding in the mind.

and yeah here’s how i use the feature of autistic schizophrenia where we let ourselves get taken advantage of. check it out, i use the psychosis of madness to make it all ok:

i span the worlds, between the demon and the human world, and the demons approached me a long time ago to host a game show, “testing for justice”, it’s filmed in the human world but plays on tv only in the demon world, I’m the host but the producers control everything, i just go through my life allowing people the opportunity to take advantage left and right. (lost all my posessions three times in the past 8 years in california, wonderfully liberating excperiences i am grateful for) so if they don’t take advantage and behave ethically, they win a round and get to play again. If they do take advantage, they loose around and might be lured into playing again and again and racking up negative points, they fall for it easy and often, and if the judges decide they loose and they are no longer contestants, then not only do i suddenly cutt them off and tell them the demons told me not to interact with them anymore, which freaks them the hell out and they don’;t know how to react, and then comes what they won for loosing, the demons eat their soul. It’s fair, they lost on the game, the demons are gonna eat somebody, might as well be this group who looses on my show.

I thought the demons invented that new for me, but in 4th century china they had the tent of justice, all full of resources and if you need some take some, but if you steal and hoard what you don’;t need, that’s who the demons get to go eat.


@mortimermouse What medical test can you have done in order to know if you have dopamine,serotonin, glutamate imbalances and or a imbalances of neurotransmitters? Because in my case I STOPPED taking any medication and started to treat myself with NUTRITION & EXERCISE. This chemical imbalance everybody talks about there is no chart or anything that they the (medical community) can MEASURE to say anyone has such an imbalance? Keeping people TRANQUILIZED does help reduce the intensity of some problems but they don’t remove them. Please explain?

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Ahh…is that the game rules.
Been part of this for the better part of 10 years now.
Pretty much lost everything-again, but gave it my best, now grafetful.
Did I win? Or did I lose?
Do I get any of my stuff back?
Or do I lose for wanting it back?


Today, for instance, I was informed, via “VOICE”, that my cart that I use to transport groceries back to my home, was going to break down. So in turn, I was prepared. And sure enough, just after I had crossed the street after leaving the grocery store, the cart broke down and thus caused one wheel to be jammed. But I managed to fix it on the spot.

Being informed of future events does not mean a heck of a lot since they are going to happen anyhow, but it does take the sting off an event if it is a negative one.


There aren’t tests- what you have done is the closest thing they have to tests. But fMRI’s and other scans have shown activity and structural abnormalities in most schizophrenic’s brains. What you have dis-proven is called the Dopamine hypothesis, that psychotic symptoms are due to too much dopamine or sensitivity to dopamine.

But I exercise and eat healthily- in fact, i have gotten into powerlifting, its my new thing. I take my meds and I am happy to be tranquilized, as I was agitated without my meds. Now a preworkout drink or a cup of coffee is all I need to be active…I used to not sleep even after running and boxing for multiple hours. I prove the Dopamine hypothesis correct- but its a hypothesis and not a fact due to different treatments, like yours and mine.

Actually, Abilify is a dopamine agonist, and it works as an antipsychotic for some people, sedating them even. For some people, it is used as an anti-depressant, having the opposite effect.

All in all, schizophrenia is very mysterious, and treatment is the main subject of research, not the nature of the disorder. It comes in different varieties, as some people have only positive (me) or only negative symptoms, and so it is hard to make general statements about the disorder.

You are very correct about antipsychotics treating and not curing people- they must be taken religiously. In fact, my drug, Geodon, is maybe the shortest-lived one, as it must be taken twice a day in order to stay in the blood stream. And they are in fact major tranquilizers, that is the technical term for them. They lower the levels of those three neurotransmitters dramatically, which is why the most common side effects are sedation and weight gain.

I am a psych major so I like to share what I have learned. Feel free to ask me questions!