A ponder of a question... locks


I was just wondering, how many locks dose anyone have on their door? :lock:

I have two on during the day when we’re at work. But during the night there are the two locks that need a key to get out and the chain. The back glass door has two locks too.

I have a love/ hate relationship with locks. I like them because they keep others out and keep me in if I’m sleep walking. But if there is a fire, we’re going to have to go through the window. (Open of course)



I just don’t clean up. My security system is garbage. Any prowler trying to prowl around my house would trip on my 2 year old underwear… “boom bash bakata”. And then BAM! I got him…



I have six exterior door with two lock on each. I don’t lock my doors when I’m home. When I go out I don’t normally lock the dead bolt. Sometimes I don’t lock all the doors. I do have my dogs. I also feel safe sleeping with my front door open in the summer time.

From the country Ridgerunner



I suffer from chronic paranoia, Im always locking the doors



Actually just one, almost all the time. :blush:



just one lock, i have more chance of a stray steer wandering into the house than a burglar !
take care