A plane crash in Michigan

Back in March 1990 I was in a plane crash in Marquette, Michigan. I studied at the business school in Houghton and then I had a meeting in Atlanta in March 1990. I returned back to Houghton via Detroit. I took a 21-seat plane flight from Detroit to the Upper Michigan. Then the plane approached the airport in Marquette. It was dark, snowing and windy. I watched how the plane started landing, but then suddenly the plane took a 90-degree turn and crashed in snow banks. Everybody in the plane was scared, but then the situation calmed down and we walked to the terminal in snow. So nobody was killed. Then there in the terminal people got two options: to stay a night in a motel in Marquette or to take a limo ride to Houghton. I chose the limo ride. It was the full size white limousine and I sat alone on the rear seat. Eventually we arrived at Houghton and I went to my dorm room. It was a little scary, but it did not make me scared of flying on planes. Some people might have needed some therapy after this accident. I was just 22 years old.

I’ve decided to wait to fly until it has been perfected.

Or at least try to not fly, sometimes life will just throw you on a plane without asking.

They will never be perfect, but I enjoyed those flights over the Atlantic Ocean when I drank a bottle of red wine on the plane and then slept on the row of empty seats in the early 1990s. It was fun.

Planes like ships are never going to be perfect, one good example is that ship that sank in South Korea and hundreds of South Korean students were killed recently. All vehicles have their risks, nothing is perfect, because humans can not be the God, humans can not master randomness, sudden events and these always happen such as that plane that they are looking for currently near Australia.

If that isn’t the truth!

If people ever looked up the statistics of how many people die in car accidents every day, they’d understand planes are much safer than auto’s. Problem is, when a plane (or ship) goes down, it usually takes a couple hundred at a time.

@mjseu you sound like your a very intelligent, logical person to not let that incident scare you off airplanes.

Cars or planes, honestly id prefer neither.