A man who is known for his ability to see and communicate with the other world

I was reading a series of books all devoted to tell stories about people who got extra souls in their bodies and a man who can let those souls leave them and return to the other worlds.

I’m looking for interventions like that. I have a few times I feel strongly there is an encounter with beings of the other world. I’m afraid it’s true.

It’s nothing more then a delusion. It’s no more then someone having a delusion over watching the movie Dune. It’s hard to say how meany people thought of them selves as Paul Atreides when Dune came out.

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But I am the kwitzats haderach :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There is a worm for you :slight_smile:

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what does his voice sound like?

only his brother lucifer speaksto me :frowning: and its rare normally a stupid demon trying to fool me is at the helm

4 years back I would hear a voice that sounded like Slow Poke Rodriguez the cousin of Speedy Gonzales.


that must have been extremely irritating rofl

That is interesting that you are fully functional and in complete remission with the exception of the delusion that God speaks to you. Of course, I respect that you actually believe it to be true. That is kind of how I feel about myself. I am fully functional, in remission and all is well except that I believe I am in a brain study. I both know it to be a delusion and believe it to be true at the same time. It shows you can be fully functional and maintain a long term delusion. I have had mine since I first became MI 2 years ago. Hasn’t budged. Meds keep me out of the hospital and from running around like a looney tune but they don’t budge my delusion.

Anyway, just interesting to note you are in remission but have had this delusion for over 13 years.

Another thing… As for dealing with the voiced or extra sound… “I’m sure it’s diffrent for everyone” yet… Try to slow down your energy consumption… One thing these beings have taught, or led me to belive is that, food, alcohol, medications… These are all energys and or time itself… Seeing time is an illusion, the consumption of these things are actually the future it’s self taking place, or diffrent forms of lag… Now as these things are lag, and if your over burden or taxed by multiple sources of energy, it distorts or creates your reality… Or current state of being… Taxed to far and your thoughts will become overwhelming and loud… This will vastly cost your focus… Think about it as a computer… I computer with a bunch of programs open will run slow… A mind over taxed by energys will as well… I do not know I’m 100% accurate, yet my mind usto be a fog of nonsense in the background of, and foreground of my life… A healthy diet helped clear my mind… This was very important for me

@James54321 hope your not suggesting slowing down your meds, not recomend. But also if you’re looking to share experiences here’s mine: (click the link)

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I want to write here my delusion on Hindu belief - As I think my journey start from sperm than I found my body with the help of my mother, its not ended here, than birth, education and after it schizophrenia and its cure . My mind is going towards God Shiva more faster and with more strength. I don’t know now what is the meaning of reach to the God. I understand it with the help of images that appeared in my mind and hallucinations. Further is invisible.