A list of things we have done

i have been doing so much lately its unbelievable

i cant believe that i have been able to accomplish almost everything that i have tried

so why not go further

knowledge is power but it can also be used for good and experience is priceless (even though we wished we’d never experienced it sometimes)

here is my list of my accomplishments through the last few years

  • moved into my own place
  • went to college (3 mths)
  • made friends
  • started 1st year at college (aug- jun)
  • made more friends
  • went to a music festival (3 days lasted 2 due to bad weather)
  • started going to church (1 hr sunday)
  • started Aikido classes (2 hrs a week)
  • started volunteer befriending (1 hr per week)
  • holiday (2 weeks)
  • stopped Aikido classes
  • went to another music festival (3 days)
  • moved in to another flat
  • went to a new church
  • started collecting vinyl records
  • started volunteering in soup kitchen (3hr twice a month)
  • volunteered with college over the holidays
  • started second year college (aug-jun)
  • started taking driving lessons
  • dropped college half way through (lasted aug-feb)
  • stopped volunteer befriending
  • started collecting lego
  • holiday (2 weeks)
  • applied for college again (counselling/psychology)
  • started Aikido class again
  • asked my doc about doing some therapeutic work (seeing p/doc soon)

other things that i am thinking about (new ideas for personal well being)

  • i want a bonsai tree
  • i have been trying my hand at art on an old digital drawing tablet
  • have been thinking about taking guitar lessons
  • i just got a foot stool for my living room and 3 chairs for the garden (to relax)
  • always updating my record collection and looking for new music
  • writing poetry when i can

there are other things that i have accomplished that i cannot remember but even the little things inbetween all of this add up, its all about trying to build on what you have got and try to take steps that will lead you up the ladder of happiness and success, stay positive and try and keep the stress down and the pressure off, a good med is essential as i would never have been able to achieve any of this if it wasnt for me getting on a new med that works better for me.

before i changed to the better med i was still able to do a lot of things with my then gf sweep like going on holiday and stopping smoking.

anyway everyone is different and i thought i would end this by asking you what you have done in the last few years? good or bad its ok, maybe you can think of something you want to do in the future as well :smile:

thanks for reading


It’s pretty difficult to move forward with the amount of distraction my hallucinations supply. All I’ve really done since I went schiz was reconnecting with all the friends I have here in town. I also worked for along enough to save up 2 grand so I could have some time to recover and adjust to being schiz. My plans now are to find another job so I can move out. ■■■■ school I fail every time its just a waste of money to me.

In the last two years?

*Helped my mom take care of my dad (she took 100% care of him until he passed away last year)

*Took care of my mom after she broke her arm. Daily visits to bring dinners, clean the house,drive her to her dr appts, grocery shop, fix household problems,take care of her dog(feed, take outside, bathe, clipper cut).

*Buried my father and aunt same month.

*Lost my health insurance in Feb,Still trying to afford a doc.

*straightened out a hassle with my car insurance (took 3 visits-eeek) and with the DMV (4 visits-ahhhhhnoooooo) all stemming from a car I own that hasn’t ran since Oct last year. What a nightmare.

*Collected another stray kitten. Have 6 indoor cats that don’t go outside-ever.

*Things I still want to do?
Go through all this stuff I collected when actively psychotic( ?)…and do a triage and sort it properly and trash the rest.
Problem is when I try to sort though a box of stuff, it all comes back and seems so important, I get so overwhelmed and can’t seem to throw it away, only to end up shoving back in the box and into a corner.


About a year + a half ago I moved to another state in a different town than my brother is in, so somewhat on my own. I found a dentist + am currently going through extensive dental surgery. Joined an hmo + have mostly gone through the poking and prodding and invasion that drs. do. Soon it will be a year + I’ll have to do it all again.

Met with the diabetes dr. mostly by phone and brought my blood sugar down to normal by changing my diet. Having no car, I walk everywhere, so I walk between 1/2 mi to 1 mi a day to get food and essentials… Have survived the invasion of my apt by four maids twice a month and have managed to have everything picked up + in order when they get here. I see my brother about 1 day out of 2 weeks. He mostly has helped me do some things + we eat out.

I spend all my energy focusing on these things. I have some projects I want to do + some sightseeing with my brother. Maybe this year -

“The stalker” doesn’t seem to go away. I spend some of my time trying to outwit him.

I did do something creative this last year. I discovered pictures in the patches of drying rain on the driveway + took some photos. My avatar is one of them. Sadly, they resurfaced the driveway yesterday.


Maybe you could have two boxes - for each thing you put in the keep box - put one in the throw away box. My brother says in those situations, think about if you will use it again. He is something of a rationalist but I’ve found this useful.

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That sounds very useful, Thank you!
I suddenly feel like tackling a box… I have to try it out right now!
Thanks again!

I think this is all stuff I did in the past 2 years:

moved into a spacious 2-bedroom apartment
always paid rent on time
did grocery shopping for family
lost 20 lbs using myfitnesspal
maintained a large personal music collection
supported mentally ill friends with gifts, help and encouragement
took care of wife during her surgeries
stayed financially solvent by tracking finances on a daily basis
got off food stamps, housing entitlement programs
helped record and arrange song for sale online
created YouTube video which had over 1,500 views in its first month
posted original music online
prayed frequently
helped friends and family with computer problems and maintenance
donated many items to friends and charity and reduced clutter considerably
took many photographs around home town
set up facebook page for information on producing music on a small budget
photographed father’s art and posted pix on facebook
helped my family members when they were ill
created wordpress blog for dad’s art
created portfolio of dad’s artwork
created second music video
Helped family and friends maintain backups of their personal data
Setup windows computer systems for friends and family
Removed viruses and malware from infected pcs
created YouTube slideshow of father’s artwork
Cared for aunt dying from ovarian cancer in her home with the aid of hospice
Walked over 70,000 steps in one week
Walked over 17,000 steps in one day
Purchased newer used car and paid full amount in cash
Learned to cook basic healthy meals
Dealt with osteoarthritis in back
Tried to resolve disputes with apartment neighbors amicably
Participated in online support forums
Helped with 90th birthday party for mother-in-law


Work part-time at peer run drop-in center
Volunteer at public resource and drop-in center
Took Self Mastery Class at Church
Took Foundations Class at Church
Volunteer as hospitality person at Church
Registered for class in fall Introduction to Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Did NAMI Peer to Peer Class as a Mentor
Visited my sister
Spent the weekend for three days with my 8 bunko buddies in a cabin
Belong to Speaker’s Bureau to reduce stigma


still battling the jedi on four fronts…exhausting !?!
bought a new lightsaber.
fixing droids and nano bots in my space cargo ship.
learnt to make chocolate mouse…mmmmmm…chocolate mouse…it is out of this universe.
take care


-Endured 22 years with dysfunctional parents…unable to socialize, asked why I didn’t date, told I was too fat/ugly/stupid…usual old school parents but made me a hard worker.
-4 years of college, financial aid canceled due to Clinton and paid cash rest of way because I had good job, finished BA debt free.
-4 jobs in 14 years, modest pay but able to support myself plus some luxuries
-hanging out with very troubled person in 20s, schemer who ruined everyone else to keep her abusers busy. These rich folks don’t work any longer after stealing a profitable company…they are problems/abusers full-time. Some of the relatives had job for opportunistic reasons/appearance purposes. (You had to guess she worked in a church…)

  • England, Vegas, Chicago, Denver, Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Yosemite, Santa Fe, Taos, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma
    -Lived in apartment 5 years, owned home for 10 years
    -Friends problems gave me nervous breakdown when psychiatrist refused to treat PTSD, psychosis started
    -Fired from job because of sexual harassment from coworker I couldn’t handle right…FMLA paperwork incorrect, no unemployment… Worked at this job 3 years.
    -$50-150 a month savings for 14 years, broke my fall as unemployment was denied
    -Went back to school, interviewed 3 times for rocking good job & ruined by voices
    -Heard it 10 years now, without relief from meds
    -Took lots of desperation jobs…Worked 10 PT jobs since…only fired when side effects of meds not disclosed but it was another rocking good job! DAMN! Remember, cannot show any anger to mental care staff! *&^%$!!!
    -Dated around and chose a keeper but I ended up being a rebound…
    -Got to live in small town and large city after staying in hometown TOO LONG…
    -Returned to misery house with parents to get out of debt from trouble in big city…
    -Turned 40 last month…!

SEE NEW THREAD: What are you doing next?

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Keep doing what you are doing. I’m glad your life is somewhat unbelievable with accomplishments. You deserve them all.

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its really amazing to see what people have done despite this illness,

take the good with the bad and hopefully more good than bad lol

try your best and just get on with it :slight_smile:

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Past two years:
Completed 1 and a half more years of highschool after dropping out sophomore year
Got my Ged start college in August
Got my license
Reconnected with old friends
Great times at the beach
Workout’d for 5 months
Did some business under the table
Started going to church (stopped going 6 weeks in, thoughts where so horrific I ran out of church and never came back.
Got baptized
Moved my brother into college
Been a lot of places with friends/family/brothers enjoying myself
Produced rap songs

But most of all…



I got married two years ago :smile:
Learned to drive, getting license soon
Looked after three budgies in succession
Moved house three times