What did you do this year?

things i did this year-

  • passed first first year at college
  • started second year
  • made some friends
  • went on holiday for 2 weeks
  • started driving lessons
  • managed my illness (despite a few hiccups)

what about you?


Good topic

I got delusional for about six months.

went to the beach with parents(bummer, rather be going with friends)

just went to a nami meeting, liked it…plan on going back(National Alliance for Mentally Ill)

went to a NC State football game

that’s about it as you can tell I don’t have much of a life


This year,
Lived out of my head more then in it. Met people, got out of the house more and got to reconcile a few relationships with old friends and my brother Jack. I haven’t given up hope on Jacob yet.

I’ve gotten further up the ladder at work, I’ve moved into this apartment, which is a little better and bigger then the last one.
I’ve made some dumb decisions, I’ve had a near episode, I survived. I’m getting ready to start school.

Most of all, despite all the trial and turbulence, I’ve seen my parents and my sister smile more then I can remember.


I went to the beach alot with friends, went to the woods, swimming pools, but i was not so well, i started enjoying my life when i started eating whole bunch of vages. Unfortunately i got better when the weather became cold, if i remain this well for the next year i will enjoy my outdoor activities more than i have ever enjoyed.


published a childrens’ book on amazon, survived many psychosis too many to mention , gave three new chickens a home, i learnt to bake ,started painting again, found the sz site and going on disability support.
take care


Things I did in 2013:

Completed my PhD study;
Did a 3 month research on “what is the best antipsychotics for me” and have switched to Amisulpride which was smooth and successful;
Found the web sites for the schizophrenic and started posting;
Wrote a journal paper but haven’t published it yet, am waiting for review outcome;
Did some preparation for my new books on gender and culture;
Made renovation to my apartment.

Best wish to all.



Moved to another state
Got introduced to my new medical care system
Learned to ride the train
Am working successfully to control my blood sugar by diet
Spent time with my brother
Tried 2 cleaning services. I’ve managed to have everything picked up + out of the way. - Major accomplishment.
Acquired a few plants I’ve been wanting to grow.


Divorce was final. Now poor.
Lost all contact with pdoc and meds.
Helped care for ill father who required care 24/7.
Took in stray kitten, now have 6 indoor cats.
ID theft- bank account hacked-still ongoing.
Buried my Father, Aunt same month.
Got married.
Learning new language and culture.
Gave up self medicating.
caregiver for mom now.
Mom broke arm, 5 more weeks of daily visits to cook,clean, drive to Dr’s and ER visits.
Fixed heater air conditioner myself last week, first time in 2years we finally got heat. Indoor temps in summer averaged 97degrees, in winter 47degrees…

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sweet f.a. but im hoping next year will b better. i plan on doing some college courses. i also need to lose a stone and a half so i need more exercise and healthier food. im also pondering giving up smoking in january. i did it last year for nine days then i had a drink and went and bought myself a pouch of tobacco. i have no discipline in my life and i need to get some. would also like to start making my own clothes. write a book. the list is endless. but most of all id just like to b able to take care of myself and this house which i’m ■■■■ at.

I quit drinking, got on meds, entered remission and made new friends, dated a girl and had my first kiss. I also put on 13lbs since the summer, I have gotten into weightlifting. I also made a 3.96 this semester and I havent lost my academic scholarship. It has been an incredibly eventful year of my life, I am fortunate to have recovered so quickly. I feel like a different person, I have come a long way since I just half-assed my studies and drank most of the time. I am still adjusting to life without psychosis, life seemed more exciting and challenging when I was psychotic. I know that I will probably be on this medication regiment for the rest of my life.


It was a horrible year, I lost everything except my family, I even lost my self in paranoia and ugly psychosis.

I wrote a play, going into last few edits / getting closer to being happy with it
Did a few theatre workshops
Went on a walking holiday in Zermatt,
Wrote a monologue being performed around now (don’t know the dates- I’m on the other side of the Atlantic to where its being performed)
Got into multisport training, with varying levels of commitment
Booked some race dates for next year but they are ambitious, starts with another half marathon in 4 months