A good question, WHY?!?!

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this is a very good question,

what do you think?


And God said “that is up to you decide” and then quickly vanished.

Dear Mortal,

Why not?




thats a lazy persons answer haha

i knew someone would say it

but it is true,

i think it means that things just happen at random and their is not one person to blame for all the good and bad things.

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My me? Why am I being punished?
Then I thought it was the devil torturing me.

Now I think it’s all chemical. Biochemistry taught me that there are so many things to go wrong that it’s amazing that everything works at all.

Well you can’t deny he’s a bit of a slacker, spending only six days to create the whole world… we’ll be spending ages to correct everything he ■■■■■■ up.

Yeah… Religion is laughable. Sorry folks. We really don’t know what the ■■■■ is going on.

I always forget that 6 days bs.

Sh1t happens. That’s a good answer.



like what? whats so bad about it?

apart from us that is

and @SoItGoes 6 days to him could be mean millions of years idk
he never lived on earth remember so he doesn’t go by our time

i think a good answer from me would be



because what?


:point_up: :eyes: :ok_hand:

You say lazy, I say obvious.


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i was just kidding,

i know your not lazy :wink:


i wonder why…quite a lot actually. i wonder if determinism rules and i think it does. which opens another can of worms…why? why would such a thing as fate exist? there are some stories of people narrowly avoiding death because of some precognitive dream, gut feeling, vision, whatever and you have to ask why these people were saved. you can either look at it like fate rules so they were always going to make that decision that saved their lives or for some reason they got a glimpse of a particular event and took heed and changed their future. if there is only determinism i should like to ask, why. why is our script written from the day we are born till the day we die. what is so inconsequential about us that we can’t even make our own decisions about our own lives? and this god of ours who obviously wrote this script, who is he/she to interfere in our lives to that extent? are we owned? merely slave to our creators whim? i think there are many why questions i would ask this god. it may seem selfish but i would also ask why me? as i’m sure every person on this planet has asked of their god or gods at some stage in their lives. what makes me so special? nothing really i guess i’m just full of self importance as is every other person that ever asked why me . :slight_smile:

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