Why you? Why me? Because

“Why not you”? Why not me? Life’s a gamble with no guarantees. If you look at the big picture, I’m sure that 6 million Jews did not want to be gassed and murdered. I’m sure that the American journalist who got beheaded yesterday did not choose that end. I’m sure the Romans did want their empire to fall. I’m sure no one wants ALS (Lou Gehrig s Disease). It’s all relative.'I’m sure if everybody on this site had a choice they would prefer not to have schizophrenia either. Life is full of tragedies and unfairness. I’m not thrilled with everything that’s happened to me over the years. I could have done without drug addiction. I didn’t want my dad to die of cancer. Life is hard and NO ONE makes it through unscathed no matter how they look on the outside or how great their life looks like from the outside. I’m sorry about everybody’s family but I think we can all say, “Why Me”? I’m not trying to be insensitive but it’s all relative and in your perspective. I had a good day at work today but I’m trying with all my might not to look too hard at my life. Sure I have a job and a car. I live in a nice studio. But I don’t have a friend right now, just my family. I’m looking at the majority of other tenants who run this place have won. I won some battles but they won the war and I HAVE to get along with them as much as I hate them. But tomorrows my day off. Hopefully I will make it to the ATM downtown to deposit a check. Fridays payday. My goal on Saturday is to take an early walk in the park. I’m losing weight. I have a refrigerator full of food. My freezer is full of chicken, shrimp, beef, and pork. I made a few good dishes last week and my studio is relatively clean. I have a little money and the weather is nice! Good luck to everybody.


Yeah I have it pretty bad I guess, but there is always worse. It is funny how everyday has to be planned for me, if I want to get out of my comfort zone - going to the store to pick up some food items, becomes a planned event for me - it is a struggle or a chore just for me to go out and do something.
But in the end the effort is always well worth it - I keep thinking to myself, it could always be worse



We were never entitled to not suffering in life or dying young or having tragedy befall us in anyway. The harsh reality just seems to be happening so far away until it hits close to home.

Hope you enjoy your life. You do need some wholesome entertainment.

@77nick77-I don’t know about you not having any friends.I think there are quite a few folks here that would be happy to claim you as a friend ( : Try to act like these other tenants don’t bother you.Kill them with kindness!
@wave-I agree completely.Someone else always has it worse.When I feel overwhelmed at life I try to think of all the things I have to be thankful for.

This reminds me of what my dad has always said about this. “There but for the grace of God go I” Meaning that person could be me if not for the grace of God. However I’ve always had the thought that what he really seems to be saying when he says this is that he is not in unfortunate circumstances because of the grace of God. I’ve always thought “Well why didn’t that guy get a little grace? huh?”