If you could ask God one question


Your higher power, Deity, God, Gods, Ultimate reality, Your higher self, Cosmos, Deep conscience, The authentic Unity of Spirit, Infinite Being…You get it.

If you could ask one question in response to your life as a mortal, what would your question be? No need to explain why you choose the question, but respond as a literal opportunity to answer your spirits most sought questions.


What happens to us after we die?


I would ask him : Why? just Why?

he would know what I was asking. lol


Why does there have to be such great suffering in the world?


I wouldn’t bother wasting breath on him/her/it. Seriously, after 46 years, I look at God the same way I do my biological father that I’ve never heard from either: Waste of time. I’d spend the fifteen seconds I could use asking the question on something productive instead.



i think God knows my questions before i had questions to ask… imo he lives in the future


i’d ask why? why does he let men abuse little children. why allow it to continue. and also, why me? i was quite happy living my life until i met these bastards, so why me? what was so wrong about me that he had to allow this to happen to my kids and me and my husband, friends and family? is it some sort of test? what do i get if i pass? what do i get if i fail? i’ve a feeling that i know what i get if i fail. but what do i get if i pass? and just why pick me for this test? one of my abusers believes in god yet he continued to abuse me…what does he get? i’d like to see that. will god allow me that, i wonder? this deal is never going to happen, because i am not a murderer. thou shalt not kill, isn’t it? just, why?


heaven or hell? lol


I like daydreamers question. Thats probably what I would ask too lol


I wouldn’t ask him a question.

I would just tell him to hurry. Hurry up. It’s gone on to long, just hurry up.


I wouldn’t ask Him a question either. I would just carry on trying to be obedient to His divine way of life. What is there to ask? I would rather not know the future.


Again, What’s it all about, God?


i probably wouldn’t ask him anything as well, i would just be in awe of his presence and bow down to his almighty power, i think i have accepted everything anyway so i have no need to question him,

like the question ‘whats the point?’ i would say that God knows what the point of everything is so it is out of my hands and i trust him enough to know that he is in control of everything and he has a plan for each and every one of us.

the other thing is ‘heaven or hell?’ i couldn’t ask him that unless i died and i wouldn’t ask him that either bc i trust he will make a good decision based on the good that i have done in my life, when i am judged i think i will be judged fairly and everything i do just now is one step closer to heaven and he knows that.


Is it all random or was it planned from the beginning?


Neither one. Decisions make new possibilities. I’m not God.


Nothing. I wouldn’t ask him anything.


Damn, I was going to post that exact thing.

I guess since that’s covered I’d ask him where he came from.


" please pass the salt "
take care from the sane :alien:


I don’t believe in god, jesus, heaven or hell so there’s nothing to ask


I don’t believe but I can stretch my imagination enough to answer the question.