What would you write to God in a Letter?

what would you write?

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Are you just baiting people with this? You know how these always turn out. Looks like more attention-seeking and negative thrill-seeking to me.

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I don’t know if id try,I wrote a letter to santa claus once and that didn’t turn out very good.

Also at the moment im blaming him for my current negative situation so I can’t trust myself to be civil.

But I can advise that you use the official postal service and not ups or fedex or any other private carrier because I know people that work for some of those places and they make a killing on the holidays.

An interesting question. For the record, I’m a conscientious agnostic. That is, I do not claim certain knowledge of the existence of God, but I prefer a universe that makes sense. Further, I don’t know if that sense must include a Supreme Being, or simply means Being Itself. I cannot answer these questions, and I hold that no human alive or ever living could or can. I posit this conclusion based on the finite nature of human thinking, and the infinite nature of nature.

But if I were to write a letter to God I would probably start out by saying something like, “What the hell man?” I mean you just gotta lay it on him. What with all the wars and the holocaust - I mean the god damn holocaust! If God is supposed to be so powerful, then why didn’t He intervene at that point in history, I mean supposedly He’s done it before? I saw the Nuremberg films when I was eight years of age, and they have haunted me all my life - its horrible! If God can give me a decent explanation for His absence from the stage during that atrocity - and others, then maybe we can be friends. But at this point I got issues with the guy.

On the other hand, maybe God has to let us do all this junk so we can grow up all on our own. That way we can earn some self-respect. It seems like one hell of a price to pay for self-respect, but that’s the only feasible explanation I can think of for the Almighty’s not rescuing us from these God-awful tragedies, that, yes, we bring on ourselves, but not all people involved are guilty, like the little children Mengele butchered.

What can I say, it disturbs me.

I’ve made sense of my suffering by the knowledge that if there is infinite goodness there must be infinite evil. Everything is in balance and modes of each are weighed against the other.

Personally I take small victories in my quest for truth. Some of them include 3 days without drinking, a new job opportunity, the cubs sweeping a series.

I would just say God Is beyond reason we can’t blame or harness. Thats What we want Right,

Thats way cool that you are aware of your limited understanding of god.

Unfortunately there are so many people that don’t have that awareness so they do bad stuff and blame god for their actions saying that he told them to do it.

dear God, i do not blame you, i just want to say that i am sorry,

idk why, i just feel the need to say sorry :frowning:

hope you understand x

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IDK where this is relevant to anything on this particular thread. I don’t see proselytizing, Bible quotes, or anyone forcing their views on anyone else. In my post for example, I simply stated my own views (agnostic), without ever suggesting that others must agree with me even though, of course, I will hold to my own position.

And further, if references from all manner of scientific literature from every branch of discipline are welcome on this website, then it is my opinion that any injunction against various scriptures, both ancient and modern would be inappropriate, since they are often quite insightful, and quite helpful.

Hey god thanks for the ■■■■■■■■ and the good times.

Ps. You owe me a Pepsi.

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dont worry mikee, i think its just to remind people to show respect to each others views

Cool with me. I can do that. But whenever I want to, I’ll quote the Bible.

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are you sure you are qualified !?!
take care :alien:

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I have no qualifications Darksith, all the best my friend.

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sorry mikee, i was answering the thread…’ what would you write to God in a letter ’
hamster :hamster: hug.
take care :alien:

God is testing our love for him!.

Now I get it. I tend to be self centered. I’m always looking for attention. Its a great question to ask the Deity by the way. Just where did He get His degree?

Or does He even have one at all?

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Man I’ll tell ya, if I end up loving God in the end, it’ll be because He loved us so very tough.

I would write “WTF”

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Please fix my brain or help science create a better pill. Also take care of my mom and say hi to my dad.