If you wrote a letter to God, what would you write?

Dear God,

If you can see fit, please grant me my SSDI. I know you said not to worry and put my trust in you, but I am weak. Please help me. If you can see fit also, could you help my doctor find the right medicine for me. I’ll be here waiting for your answer, through Jesus Christ your son, who reigns with you and the Holy Spirit.



i might mention my schizophrenia but idk,

Can you lend me a few bucks until payday?


any spare change


I would say:
Thank u god for the unique gifts you have granted me as a human, please don’t deprive me from having them for the rest of my life. :smile:


Dear god,



move over, i am in control now :smiley:
take care :alien:


I write “letters to God” through prayer constantly during my days alive.

lots of people ask that qustion,

i think its one of the biggest questions and hardest questions to answer

Dear god…

Where you at dog?

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I would write just the following: “Bone cancer in children? Really?”

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Dear god…

Thanks for looking out.

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Please look after My dog until I can walk with him again. J xx

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Dear God I praise you and glorify you. I ask that whatever I’m feeling in my heart that I get an answer and a solution before I wake up the next morning. Your devoted daughter

I have written letters to God. I don’t think I have any because I usually burn them or send them down a river. I buried one in the ground by a tree…they are basically prayer requests that I incorporate the physical elements of the writing, the paper or tree bark, and nature, making it somewhat ceremonial. I don’t do it that often.

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some people also burn elements of their past that might hold some meaning, like a symbol of their past that they want to forget maybe, could be clothes or pictures or even old keepsakes of an old relationship, like a teddy or cards or something,

i think it symbolises new beginnings and a letting go of the past.


Yeah, I had a gold pendant with the first letter of my name my ex-girlfriend offered me either on my birthday or our anniversary can’t recall.

Well, I kept it for ten years and ended up selling it for 10$ at the pawn shop cuz I was having marijuana withdrawals. I had the delusion it ended up in a museum. I regret selling it to this day, but hey, it’s just a material thingy, albeit with sentimental value!! :crying_cat_face:

Some native cultures do that when someone dies…they burn just about everything the person had except maybe a few items.

I would say amongst other things -
Please God, help me to be a better person and be obedient to You, make submission to You easy for me, have mercy on me and forgive me my sins, admit me, my husband and my family into Paradise,


I actually wrote one praying for the ability to differentiate friends from non friends before. Only one I ever wrote.

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