A girl wants to be my fk buddy

she isnt my type and i dont like the thought of making love to a person just for kicks but i do think about having sex with her and i am in two minds

my head is a bit mixed up about it


Hmmm I’ve had friends with benefits before… It never works

Why don’t you kick it Netflix and chill and see where it leads?

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Its funny you mention that because i have realized that theoretically i could have a fk buddy but they would have to be a woman who is a methamphetamine addict which there is not a real shortage of. I have mixed feelings about it to because i dont usually want to talk to people and i practice social distancing as a way of life it is good for staying out of the mental hospital (or more to the point multi-year forced druggings in the community :joy:) because other vermin humans are mostly what result in hospitalizations for many people, but that said if i can get sex with them so be it. I have had some horny moments lately. I also have dopamine supersensitivity perhaps one of the most severe cases ever so i can relate to them at least a bit although of course i am much more in control of what i do

Ok man good for you like a cat you are which goes out looking for sex and then comes back sort of. I suggest you buy a small transportable mattress to put down on your bathroom floor which as i understand is the only part of your parents house that has privacy. Something a bit more substantial so that you could actually bring someone back if you wanted and have privacy.

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Yeah but i really wouldnt want to bring them back where i live i would rather have sex with them at there place or find some secluded place outside

Hell, that’s always been my Holy Grail. Never panned out though.

I’m really against sleeping around especially when a man doesn’t have his house in order. Mistakes compound misery and confusion.

Lol are you on crack you think that would work? :joy:

Sorry the post triggered me when you have a horny guy stuff like this thread puts ideas in there head but i was thinking about it a bit lately as well. Ultimately most of them don’t have what i want moderators can you please lock this thread? @rogueone @SzAdmin


Yeah your body is too pure for them.


Why are you asking to close the thread?

It’s not your thread and it’s not breaking the rules.

I think he has you muted @goldenrex.

This is not your thread to lock. Just avoid this thread and read something else.


Why would he have me on mute?

I don’t even know who he is.

I’m not horny just not sure what to do about this

she dropped very understandable hints but she isnt my type and i would feel used and like i was using her too and just so you know i am a rubbish lover, like the worst and i have no confidence so it is all kind of doomed from the start

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@Moonbeam the thread is out of control. :roll_eyes:

What complications might that create? Maybe she wants to cling to you, but you don’t want to be around her… Or something of that nature. Could be a lot of unwanted complications