Could have gotten laid

But didn’t. This girl I know from outpatient is off her damn rocker and she wanted to come over and have sex. She’s homeless because she is deep in psychosis and has driven her family away. I told her to go home to her family and take her meds and now she won’t talk to me. Oh well, hopefully i’ll get laid at some point in the next decade… I have needs too you know :confused:


You did the right thing.


Thanks I know it’s the right thing but it still kind of sucks. I had another crazy girl from the mental hospital try to come on to me and she scared me so bad that I just wanted to get away from her. I don’t know if a sane girl would want to be with me, though, so my options are limited


damn mate. thats a funny situation lol

but tough too


@crazydiamond444 My Bumble dating profile says I have schizophrenia because I feel a woman should know that before going in, at the same time I don’t get many swipes because of that.

I suppose I could just keep it secret and get laid but I don’t want to do that, I wouldn’t feel right… It would also be in the back of my mind this relationship is a sham and shes gonna leave when she finds out based on my experiences telling people I have schizophrenia.

Good luck getting laid.

As @everhopeful said you did the right thing.

Happened to me a few times too.

In the vast majority of cases they don’t.


It’s happened to me in the hospital a couple times that a female patient will come into my room with a sexy look in their eyes and I play dumb until they leave. Last time I was in the hospital a girl gave me her contact info but I didn’t even try to hold on to it. My sex drive was bombed after that anyway.


Yea my mate where I live… He has been in that sort of situation more than once. You did the right thing not to take advantage of her


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