A delusion I have (tw-struggling)

Makes me torture myself with self hatred and mean words to lower my self-image to make the neurotypicals happy. I do things like burning my graduation pictures or punching a hole on my photos of my face.

I believe by doing so I can prove the neurotypicals that I’m not dangerous and by doing so my pain will give them some satisfaction. I feel like they take joy in stigma.

I’m a little triggered right now so I’m currently suffering a lot right now. I’ve got an exam tomorrow and I’m not studying well enough.

I feel like all the achievements and good grades I made after my recovery is nonexistent because I have psychosis. It will never be good enough.

I just wanna crawl out of my skin. I feel so ashamed.

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I would try to find peace within despite what you believe the world thinks about you.

Good luck with your exam!

And we accept you for who you are on this forum.

I just feel like I will never be accepted by neurotypicals. I’m forever doomed.

All these ■■■■ I did for my schooling and for others, it’s for nothing as soon as they hear that I’m psychotic.

All these achievements mean nothing to them.

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People are never accepted by everyone. You need to find your niche. Also you can find your community.

For me that includes this forum online.

Urgh, I guess so. I just don’t know what I’m doing right now. Everything feels like ■■■■.

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I know. Things can be hard.

I usually take some
Meds and try to sleep or take a nap.

A bit of dreaming can reset my mood.

But I guess everyone has their own ways of managing.

Do you have some coping strategies?

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