A comment on a Wrong planet thread about whether ASD is defined by occurring from birth or toddler stage

Definitely showed signs as a little kid,
but people didn’t pick up on such things back then
the way they do now.[/quote]

I think you make a good point. Certainly we nowadays live in much more of an information age,or where
information is more readily available.

My first school obviously picked up on something which was perhaps unusual for a school in the early 60s .

I think my parents probably just thought “That’s Tim” with regards to any idiosyncrasies/ problems I had. They noticed certain things I would guess as intelligent parents but didn’t think to join any dots together.
My mother always described me as an awkward baby/toddler/child/teenager etc and saw me even just before she died, when I was 53, as awkward.

I think school also spotted things but again no one saw fit to join the dots. Certainly I think now with the internet parents and teachers are more likely to come across articles that inform and lead them to attempt to join the dots.

Of course this increased access to information doesn’t help if like me you have come under the psychiatric system . A system that by and large fails to take a holistic approach, and sees all issues as being related to any psych dx they may have given you.
In that situation there is little impetus for any professional to consider new information that challenges the “It’s all down to his psychiatric/psychological make up” thinking that is so entrenched.

Indeed if you question whether everything leads back to the psych diagnosis you are likely to be seen as being in denial/lacking insight and that such thinking is a product of your illness.

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